Getting to Know More About Emotional Intelligence and Work Performance


Did you know that an employee’s emotional intelligence greatly influences the way that employee behaves and performs at work? Recent studies complied by the University of Maryland masters in business administration program listed all the ways a person’s emotional intelligence can influence their work performance. Those of you with higher EI can handle more pressure more calmly, deal with more problems from an objective standpoint and will be able to work even better under non-ideal situations.

These advantages are part of the reasons why companies are focusing on EI more as they find the right person for managerial positions and recruit more employees. Taking active steps towards improving your emotional intelligence can help build a better future.

There are plenty of things you can do to develop your EI. For a complete list – along with more information on how EI is affecting your work performance – simply refer the Emotional Intelligence and You infographic from

University of Maryland’s Online MBA Program


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