Georgia Williams killer jailed for life as it’s revealed he hanged her from a NOOSE

Georgia Williams was hanged by a noose after being lured to a twisted fake photoshoot
Georgia Williams was hanged by a noose after being lured to a twisted fake photoshoot
Georgia Williams was hanged by a noose after being lured to a twisted fake photoshoot
Georgia Williams was hanged by a noose after being lured to a twisted fake photoshoot

A twisted shop worker who was obsessed with snuff videos lured a detective’s teenage daughter to his home where he hanged her from a NOOSE before performing sexual acts on her dead body, a court heard.

Warped Jamie Reynolds, 23, conned Georgia Williams, 17, into coming to his house for a bogus photoshoot.

He set up a homemade gallows made from an upturned red recycling box beneath a noose which was attached to the loft hatch.

After taking a series of innocent pictures of Georgia, Reynolds persuaded her to stand on the box with the rope around her neck.

He then bound Georgia’s hands together before kicking the box away causing the pretty teenage RAF cadet to asphyxiate.

After she died, Reynolds – who hoarded hardcore ‘snuff’ movies featuring sexual killings – stripped Georgia and abused her lifeless body.

Harrowing details of the murder – which Reynolds admitted earlier this month – were read out at his sentencing hearing at Stafford Crown Court yesterday.

David Crigman QC told the court porn-mad Reynolds fuelled his sick fantasies by watching graphic movies with footage of women being strangled or hanged before their bodies were sexually violated.

Records even showed he watched several graphic death porn movies as he waited for Georgia to arrive at his house on May 26 this year.

Mr Crigman said Reynolds had contacted several girls including Georgia to invite them to his house for a photo-shoot in the weeks leading up to her death.

He said: “There is no doubt, say the crown, that his objective was to have Georgia’s body at his disposal after death for any sexual motivations.

“He was excited by the spectacle of a girl ‘dancing’ at the end of his rope.”

The court were shown a series of shocking photographs Reynolds took before and after Georgia died.

The first was taken in Reynolds’ kitchen which showed Georgia dressed in an outfit he had bought for the occasion.

Mr Crigman said: “She is smiling, her red hair is tied back, she has bright red lipstick on and a black leather jacket.”

He then went on to describe a chilling sequence of images which ends with Georgia stood on top of an upturned plastic box.

He said: “She’s on top of a red recycling box, there’s a red rope around her neck extending up into the loft.

“She is smiling, comfortable and fully clothed.”

Mr Crigman told how Reynolds took a further four photos and tied Georgia’s hands behind her back.

He said: “Her face does not portray any sign of alarm.

“This is the last photo of her alive.”

In the next photo, taken around half-an-hour later in Reynolds’ parents’ bedroom, Mr Crigman said Georgia was clearly dead.

Reynolds went on to take photos around his house featuring a macabre strip tease in which he gradually took off Georgia’s clothes until her body was naked.

Mr Crigman said DNA evidence showed Reynolds had carried out sex acts on Georgia’s body after her death.
Describing one photo taken on Reynolds’ parents’ bed, he said: “She is dead.

“He has laid her out on the bed in his parents’ bedroom and her jacket and shirt have been opened so as to expose her chest.

“He might have had a chance to save her but he didn’t.

“He must have stood there and watched her die.

“Over the hours he was in possession of the body it is obvious there was sexual activity.

“It is likely it was at different places and different times during the night.

“There was sexual activity with the corpse whilst he had control of it starting shortly after that first photograph.

“How much more and how often only the defendant knows.”

Chillingly, the court heard how Reynolds had written a graphic story about him killing a girl named Georgia in almost exactly the same way months before the killing.

Police found 46 self-penned stories by Reynolds on his phone about girls he knew with similar sexual themes.

In one, written in January this year, he wrote about a man called Jamie luring a girl called Georgia to his house before hanging her from a noose.

Mr Crigman QC said Reynolds had also
taken photos of girls he knew and edited ligatures and sexual references into the pictures.

He said: “Police were to find a collection of images, in fact photographs corrupted by the addition of obscene artefacts.

“There were probably seven or eight girls of whom he had obtained photographs and to which he had added ropes around their necks and sexual obscenities.”

The court also heard had Reynolds had tried to tee up other girls for fake studio sessions at his home in Wellington, Shropshire.

Reynolds became one of the youngest killers to be handed a whole-life sentence in Britain as he was ordered to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Judge Mr Justice Wilkie said Reynolds – who became the 50th person in the UK to be sentenced to a whole life term – should never be released after hearing he was a potential serial killer.

Passing sentence he said Georgia’s death had involved significant pre-meditation and said some of the evidence had been ‘unbearable’.

He said: “Her cruel and evil death has left her family crushed, devastated and absolutely broken-hearted.

“The facts of her death, the way it was conceived, planned and executed and its unspeakable aftermath is almost overwhelming to hear.”

Mr Justice Wilkie added Reynolds had derived sexual gratification from watching Georgia’s agonising death.

He added: “You then enjoyed the spectacle of her final gasping moments as she struggled for life knowing that she had been betrayed and knowing she was facing death.”

The judge added Reynolds, described in a psychiatric report as a “potential serial killer” was likely to commit other murders if he had not been caught.

Reynolds had arranged for other girls to go to his house in the same week – probably to suffer the same fate.

Mr Justice Wilkie said: “I have no doubt that but for being apprehended you had potential to go on to plan further similar crimes.

“Repeatedly you have tried to engineer situations where you were not simply the viewer but were the real life assailant.

“You wanted to strangle a girl and have sex with her corpse to fulfill a necrophiliac fantasy.

“You also pose a great risk to women and will continue to do so for the rest of your life.”

Reynolds, who stood for most of the judge’s address, stared at the ground and shuffled his feet as he was caged.

Before sentencing Georgia William’s brave dad took to the witness stand yesterday afternoon and branded her killer ‘evil’.

Stephen Williams, 54, broke out in tears several times as he read an emotional statement about the loss of his ‘beautiful daughter’ to the court.

Judge Wilkie offered to read Mr Williams’ statement on his behalf but the dad-of-two replied: “Thank you for the consideration but I’d like to do it myself.”

The police detective spoke of how the teenager’s death had shattered his ‘perfect family’ and left them crying “endlessly from morning to night.”

He said: “On May 26 2013 evil took Georgia away from her family and numerous people that loved her.

“We all lost a truly wonderful person on that evening.

“We still exist but that’s all it is.

“It’s not life anymore.

“Words are used like devastated and crushed, they use them to describe impacts such as this.

“But there are none yet written that can truly convey to others what it is like, what it is really like to lose your precious daughter.

“I’m not ashamed to say I cry endlessly from morning to night.”

Mr Williams spoke about how he and his wife were receiving counselling to help them cope with Georgia’s death.

He said: “We have been damned by evil to endure this sorrow and misery to the end of our natural lives.

“We miss the sweet smile, the hugs and kisses and her infectious personality.”

“Georgia’s life was needlessly and selfishly taken and details of this case will haunt me forever.

“Georgia’s life was taken for a few moments of evil self-gratification

“The guilty plea didn’t stop us having to hear and see things that no parent, in fact no person should ever have to experience.

“We have been told about details of the case that are upsetting, horrific and beyond comprehension.

“Any day when we have to hear evidence of what happened to Georgia leaves us totally and utterly destroyed.”



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