Generous doctor offers to treat eczema suffering two-year-old for free

Christina Grays two-year-old son George suffers from severe eczema and doctors have been unable to find a cure (SWNS Group)

An heroic doctor has come to the aid of a struggling family and their son who was diagnosed with severe eczema at just weeks old – by offering to help him for FREE.

Christina Grays two-year-old son George suffers from severe eczema and doctors have been unable to find a cure (SWNS Group)
Christina Grays two-year-old son George suffers from severe eczema and doctors have been unable to find a cure (SWNS Group)

Mum Christina Gray, 25, lays awake at night to tend to her poorly son George McCann- who uses his bedroom carpet to try and sooth his sore skin – eventually making it bleed.

NHS treatment for the condition hasn’t helped two-year-old George, so mum Christina turned to South African dermatologist Dr Richard Aron for help.

The dermatologist – who holds clinics between both London and South Africa – usually charges £150 for an email diagnosis – but once the doctor heard George’s plight, he offered to treat him for free.

(Telegraph and Argus / SWNS Group)
(Telegraph and Argus / SWNS Group)

Christina said: “I am so shocked and touched that Dr Aron has offered to help George.

“Every dermatologist has failed to keep George’s skin under control.

“It is severe eczema but they cannot seem to get it under control, no matter what they try.

“It is heartbreaking and it does get me down some days. I am trying to do everything I can for him.”

She explained: “I am hoping that we will finally be able to have something to make my son better.

“You have to pay £150 upfront for an e-mail diagnosis – but once the doctor heard about our situation – he helped us for free.”

Dr Aron, who has helped thousands of children despite his methods being shunned by some of the medical profession, said: “I am on a mission to change the way that treatment is done in the UK.

“I treat patients without charge if their plight is drawn to my attention and they are unable to afford my consultation fee and I feel that I can help.

“My treatment regimen is simple, effective and better than the routines currently applied – anyone who disagrees with my methods are probably has professional jealously.”

The specialist doctor works in London and South Africa, but lots of other UK parents have turned to his advice for guidance.

(Telegraph and Argus / SWNS Group)
(Telegraph and Argus / SWNS Group)

Dr Aron added: “The issue is that there are thousands of George McCanns throughout the United Kingdom and they are grievously failed by the treatment protocols as recommended by NICE and practised by dermatologists, allergists and other professionals who undertake the care of these children and indeed adults as well.”

Christina, who has been with partner Peter McCann, 28, a security worker, for six years, is a stay-at-home mum for George and his older brother Leo, four.

Christina, of Keighley, West Yorks., said: “It’s honestly a nightmare. I barely sleep because of worry and trying to stop George scratching himself throughout the night is a constant stress.

“He gets out of bed if he can’t satisfy the itch with his hands, and then rubs himself up and down on the carpet making him bleed.

“He is not thriving like he should be. It is holding him back and he doesn’t really eat.

“It is hard to take him out and he is not getting a normal childhood. He is up most nights regardless. He is on sleeping medication and even though he takes that he doesn’t get to sleep until silly hours in the morning.

“So to actually get somewhere with Dr Aron is a godsend.”

(Telegraph and Argus/ SWNS Group)
(Telegraph and Argus/ SWNS Group)

George’s symptoms started with a small area of eczema on his cheek – but this soon spread across his entire body at just a few weeks old.

Speaking about the symptoms, mum-of-two Christina, said: “The breakouts usually vary and George always needs to be moisturised as much as possible.

“It usually happens when he gets stressed, tired, bored or upset – so it is a constant battle.”

Christina is hoping that there is light at the end of the tunnel with the doctor’s prescribed ointment.

But the family might still have to pay for his medication once prescribed by Dr Aron, unless his GP surgery provides it for free.

She added: “I am planning to visiting my GP to see if we can get the creams for free. But the surgeries don’t subscribe these particular creams – because Dr Aron goes against the rulebook.

“I’ve seen amazing results from the creams which are used but they cost around £45-a-tub – and because they are all over George’s body – it means that it would cost us that much per week.

“I’ve seen children with eczema worse than George and with this cream makes them almost unrecognisable.”

Due to the price of the expensive treatment, the family have set up a fundraising page:


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