Gardener, 67, finds the gold wedding ring she lost while digging 30 YEARS AGO


A woman has been reunited with an antique gold ring she lost while picking beans after her husband dug it up – 30 YEARS later.

The treasured family heirloom slipped off Sally Fowler’s finger while she was tending to her vegetable patch in the early 1980s.

Green-fingered Sally, 67, searched the plot in the garden of her home in St Agnes, Cornwall, but eventually gave up looking.

She and builder husband Ralph, 70, thought nothing more of it until he was forking over the vegetable patch last week and saw a glint of gold.

Ralph said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes. Sally lost the ring picking beans about 30 years ago.

“We searched at the time but there was no sign of it. We were both staggered to have found it after all this time.”

After a quick wash, the signet ring, which was left untarnished by three decades in the ground, went straight back on thrilled Sally’s finger.

Sally said she was left “speechless” to see the prized item, which was given to her more than 40 years ago by her late mother-in-law.

She said: “I had looked for it for ages and thought I would never see it again. I am really happy to have it back. I thought I had lost the ring for ever.”


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