The Saab 96 that James Edwards bought at an auction, that was originally owned by his father John before he sold it in 1972. A garage boss was left stunned after he bought a classic car at auction only to discover his father had owned the vehicle – over 40 YEARS ago. See NTI story NTICAR. James Edwards, 43, took a shine to the red 1972 Saab 96 when he saw the vintage motor being sold and snapped it up for £5,000. But when he drove the rare vehicle home his dad John recognised it straight away as the same one he had fallen in love with almost half-a-century ago. John, 81, owned Westbury Garage in Shrewsbury, Shrops., before James took over in 1996, and kept a photo of the beloved two-door saloon hanging out front for years. Incredibly, James never saw the picture and only bought it from an auction in Wiltshire because the old-style number plates showed it had a connection to his home town. Yesterday (Fri) James, from Ludlow, Shrops., said they were both left gobsmacked when they realised he had purchased his dad’s old favourite car by coincidence.

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