Gang attack firefighters – with their own hose


Police are hunting a gang of teenage yobs who attacked firefighters – with their WATER HOSES.

They were responding to a barn fire near Market Harborough, Leics., when they were set upon by 15 youths who pelted them with stones.

During the attack the gang got hold of several high-pressure hoses and turned them against the firefighters.

A witness, who did not want to be identified, said: ”There were about 15 young people and youths who were throwing sticks and stones.

”One stone hit one fire officer on the shoulder. He was saved from serious injury because of the thickness of his jacket.

”Hoses laid out to take water to the fire were tampered with and aimed at fire crews.”

County Fire Brigades Union branch chairman Carl Doughton said: ”This is a very concerning incident.

”I just cannot understand those who would do this to people who are only trying to serve the community.”

The police are now hunting the gang.


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