Gamers given chance to boldly go where no man has gone before… by battling baddies as classic Star Trek characters

Box art for the game, out later this year

A new computer game will allow gamers to boldly go where no man has gone before – and do battle with baddies by controlling SPOCK.

Set to hit the shelves at the end of April, Star Trek the game will allow players to take command of two of the most popular characters from the sci-fi series – Captain James T Kirk, and Dr Spock.

The game, developed by Digital Extremes, is a totally original story based in the same universe as the upcoming film Star Trek Into the Darkness.

Spock, one of the two playable characters, rendered in astonishing detail

Players can explore unknown areas of space in the formidable USS Enterprise, before landing on the strange new worlds and leading expedition teams.

Spock and Kirk can battle a wide variety of aliens utilising the latest in 23rd technology weaponry, including updated phasers – the weapon of choice from the classic series.

Take on the enemies of the starfleet by controlling one of these two classic figures from the Star Trek universe

Players can also hijack enemy battleships, jump through zero G environments onto moving ships and explore subterranean waterways.

Spock, famous for his logic and reasoning in the series, can use his famed Vulcan Neck Pinch or mind melding to defeat foes, while Kirk, made famous by eccentric actor William Shatner, will storm into any situation with all guns blazing.

Box art for the game, out later this year

Executive producer Brian Miller said: “At the heart of every Star Trek adventure are two unforgettable heroes: Kirk and Spock – and just as their cooperation drives the story of Star Trek on screen, it needed to form the core of the video-game experience.

“Kirk is this brash cowboy character, whereas Spock is the exact opposite – and when you break down Star Trek to those elements, you had to make a co-op game.

“There was no other game we could possibly make.”


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