Gaining Gabi: “I orgasm through food!”


Gabi Jones, 25, is a blonde-haired blue-eyed, 5ft 9in, 35 stone babe. With her 48 DDD chest and obese body she knows she is the subject of men and women’s sexual desires…

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I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t big.

As a little girl, I was always the fat one. Other boys and girls at my school would say: “Here comes Miss Piggy” or “get off your butt and do some exercise”.

It used to really upset me. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking: “they’re right- I am disgusting.”

I tried every diet under the sun: Atkins, low fat, sugar-free, absolutely everything. I have always been really active. I love hiking, swimming, camping but no amount of exercise was enough.

As I grew up, I grew out.

At 17 I went to visit my doctor and he said it was in my genes to be big and it was something I was always going to struggle with. My dad is big so I guess I must have inherited it from him.

When I heard what my doctor said I made a decision. I didn’t want my whole life to be a struggle. I didn’t want to live my life on a constant diet. I decided to ditch the diets permanently and to enjoy food.

I started looking at my body differently. I stopped feeling as though I was gross and fat and started recognising that I was big and beautiful. I could see some people were drawn to me. I started embracing my sexuality and loving food.

The bigger I got the sexier I felt.

About 5 years ago a friend suggested I got into modelling. At first I was sceptical. I didn’t really know there was a market for people like me. I was feeling more confident in my body but I couldn’t imagine that I could be a model. However the idea kept niggling away at me. I was comfortable with my size but I knew there were millions of people out there who weren’t.

Perhaps I could inspire other heavy girls. I could encourage acceptance of all sizes as well as make some money. I spoke to my friend and he recommended that I join an agency.

The people in the agency were really nice at first. I remember on my first day everyone kept saying “you’re beautiful Gabi”, and “Oh Gabi, you’re so sexy”. I was really flattered. They gave me sexy outfits to wear and encouraged me to pose in provocative positions- It felt very empowering.

However, slowly things began to change. The outfits got skimpier and then one day the photographer came out and said: “Gabi, I think we should ditch the clothes altogether.” They started asking me to do really disgusting things on camera and I remember thinking “what am I doing here?” I started feeling very uncomfortable and seedy.

The pay was very poor as well. I used to get $30 for 150 photos and one 5 minute video. I felt exploited.

I decided to set up on my own. I did some research and found someone who was willing to host my site and be my billing master. Then I hired a photographer friend to start taking sexy pictures of m and I posted these on the site which I called Gaining Gabi.

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The site invites men and women to become members for a fee. After signing up members get to admire sexy pictures and videos of me. I befriend them, respond to their comments and I will even play out their fantasies… within reason.

One man sent me an inflatable suit and asked me to dress up in it. I guess at 35stone, I wasn’t heavy enough!!

At the beginning I was nervous. It is hard being an entrepreneur but now I love it. I have done hundreds of photo shoots and I have loads of fans. Some men send me presents of food- like cheesecakes and burgers. I take pictures of myself eating their gifts and post them on the site.

When I indulge, I never rush. I take my time and treat all meals as very sexual experiences.

Sometimes when I eat something particularly indulgent or sensual I even orgasm. It brings men pleasure to see how much pleasure food brings me and there is nothing wrong with that.

One man sent me a pig snout and asked me to put it on and pose for pictures. It took me about a year to pluck up the courage to do it but I did. It was great fun. I don’t take things like that too seriously.

If things like that turn guys on, that’s great, I’ll do it to make them happy.

Most of the customers are really nice. Mostly they just want me to feed a fetish or often they just want a fat friend. I often meet up with my favourite members. I don’t want them to put me on a pedestal. I want them to know that I am just a normal person with a healthy sex drive, who happens to get turned on by food.

When we meet up we go for dinner and walk around the park. We just do normal things- that normal people do on dates.

I am not a freak.

I can’t understand why my size seems to offend so many people. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I’ve never done drugs. I am morbidly obese but in every other way I am perfectly healthy. I just wish people would accept that.

I am fat, fit and healthy.

I have been single now for about seven years and although I would love to meet someone special I know it will be hard. I have been really interested in two guys since I was single but neither of them could cope with what I do.

They got jealous and used to say: “Gabi, can’t you just get a normal job”. But I won’t. I love what I do and I believe I am doing something really worthwhile- not too many people can say that. I know the right guy is out there and he will love me for me.


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