Free accessories and consumables with Softening Point Tester


antonAnton Paar are now offering up to £1000 of accessories and consumables with every RKA 5 ring and ball tester bought before the end of September 2016*. Allowing the user to select exactly the package they want to suit their current and future requirements.

When choosing an automatic instrument for softening point testing it is important that it covers the standard test methods, provides clear test information, offers good temperature control and reliable detection of the falling ball. The RKA 5 ring & ball tester features multi-point temperature calibration, reliable and accurate Pt100 sensor, multi-colour display showing test status and a temperature rate chart during operation. It also uses a laser scanner system for detection of the falling ball. This reliable detection system covers the entire width of the liquid bath, reducing erroneous results.

The RKA 5 meets the requirements of ASTM D 36, EN 1427, IP 58, JIS K2207, ASTM E 28 and EN 13179.

*Offer valid to the UK and Ireland only.


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