France: what does Brexit mean to a French-born-British/Australian educated and experienced individual?


The title of this release is purposely not sharp and clear to avoid it being interpreted or used against his author, and tagged as: “hatred mail piece”; even if there is full freedom of speech guaranteed within the EU.

The question being raised focuses on the general dangerous impoverishment of the French population, involving the rise of the Pharma and Social industry, when some of those affected want to contribute with respect to reason and merit as well as Unique Experience.

Are some CV sidelined and into poverty?

The release introduces a new website which questions major UK/France point of differences in the wake of Brexit via an opinion website:

It specifically focuses on one particular experience of a British-educated and UK/Australia experienced French born worker/job-seeker in the town of Dijon, France.

Prospect of Brexit from inside France.

As per the first paragraph, the rest of this article will be available on: and content available upon registration and published soon.

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