Fox has sinking feeling, trapped in a plug hole


This curious young fox had a sinking feeling after he trapped his entire head down a PLUG HOLE.

The cheeky cub was playing around in a pile of junk in the bottom of a back garden in Mansfield, Notts,.

His curiosity got the better of him when he peered through the plug hole and wedged his head tight inside.

RSPCA inspector Vicky Taylor tried in vain to free the playful cub but neither the sink nor his head would budge.

With help from a local vet armed with a bottle of cooking oil the trapped fox was slowly squeezed from hole.

The rescue took around half an hour and when the freed fox was was checked over for any injuries he was given the all-clear and released back into the wild.

Inspector Taylor said: ”The owner of the property said this was a really mischievous one and he had been playing at the bottom of the garden for a while.

”We are so pleased that we managed to free him from the plug hole, and that he was completely fine, despite his ordeal.

”At this time of year there are obviously a large number of young wild animals and birds around.

”We would just urge homeowners to just be extra careful about what is left at the bottom of their gardens or around their homes, as wildlife are very curious and can sometime get themselves trapped and caught in the most unusual of items.”

The rescue happened on Sunday May 9.


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