Fox cub and dog become best of friends in real life tale of ‘Fox and Hound’ – amazing pictures


An abandoned fox cub rescued from certain death after he fell into a quarry is being nursed back to health thanks to an unlikely friendship – with a DOG.

The male cub tumbled to the bottom of the disused pit where he was stranded and later found cold and severely malnourished.

He was discovered by a family three weeks ago who took him to wildlife expert Gary Zammit at a fox rescue centre.

Gary began helping the fox recover but was stunned when the cute cub found a playmate in his his one-year-old lurcher Jack.

Jack and the cub developed a “strong friendship” and regularly play fight on Gary’s sofa and chase each other round his garden and fields

The cub has now been called Copper after a character from the Disney film The Fox and the Hound – where an abandoned fox and puppy also become friends.

Gary, of the Feadon Farm Wildlife Centre in Portreath, Cornwall, said Jack has started to “take over” nursing duties.

He said: “Copper arrived in a really bad condition and after a lot of loving care things started looking up for him.

“But he really took a turn for the better when Jack started to take an interest. Initially Copper’s interest in him was ignored because Jack really didn’t want to know.

“But after a week of persistent attention from the fox, Jack gave in and ever since they have been firm friends and play together for hours.

“They truly seem to have developed a strong friendship and have become inseparable.”


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