Four Ways You Can Turn Your Credit Around in 2018


As 2017 gets ready to draw to a close it’s only natural to reflect back on the year and the ups and downs it has brought. If you are like many others out there, then 2017 was most likely a very tough one where finances and money were concerned. Perhaps things got so tough for you this year that your credit rating took a real hit. Not to worry as there are ways you can come back from the pitfalls of 2017 and find ways to turn your credit around in the New Year. Here are four tips you can use.

Understand That Repairing it Takes Time

As you find yourself sitting there looking for “help to fix my credit” it’s important to be realistic with your expectations. The year 2018 can definitely be the year you turn things around and make some real headway, but it may not be possible to turn it around completely in just one year. Depending on how low your credit rating is, it may take a couple of years to get back to “good” status.

The only tip that can be shared is to be patient and keep at it. Your efforts will pay off and over time you will get your credit rating back to a place that you’re happy with.

It’s More than Just the Credit Rating

Another thing you’ll want to focus on is that “fixing” your bad credit involves more than just increasing your credit rating. You also need to fix the omissions and errors that may exist in your credit reports. This will involve getting a copy of your complete credit report so you can spot those potential problem areas. Look into your state laws to see how you can go about getting a credit report, and how you can access a free one.

Once you do receive your credit report, take your time reading through it so you don’t miss any errors. When there are errors, you will need to dispute them.

Start Under-Using Your Credit

Another tip to follow moving forward is to under-use your credit cards. Ideally you only want to be using a maximum of 30% of your total available credit. This helps to keep your credit rating in a good position. If need be, you can ask to have your limit increased so that you stay within that 30% ratio.

Beware of Those Who Claim to Be Able to Fix Bad Credit

A word to the wise, you want to be wary of any companies that promise to fix your bad credit quickly for you. There are many of these companies that exist that are not legitimate and are in fact using illegal methods. Be sure to do your research on any credit repair company before using them.

Let 2018 Be the Year You Take Control

Through these tips and some money managing, you’ll find that 2018 can be the year that you take control of your finances and better your credit rating.


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