Forget Swimming With Dolphins – Welcome To The South African Bay Where You Can Swim With 6,000 Wild Seals



Forget swimming with dolphins – welcome to the secluded South African bay where you can play with 6,000 wild seals.

This incredible footage shows swimmers sharing the shores of Plettenberg Bay with playful Cape Fur seals.

While there are great White Sharks lurking in the surrounding waters, the sheltered bay of Robberg Peninsula keeps them away and remains a seal safe haven.

They’re not fed or trained but are happy to twist and turn around snorkelers brought to the bay on guided tours.

This drone footage shows them lolling about on the rocks before diving in and swimming with the tourists on a trip organised by Flash Pack.

Tour company co-founder Radha Vyas, who first got up close with the creatures for himself this year, said: “It was such an exhilarating experience.

“They’re just like friendly underwater dogs and everyone was totally buzzing afterwards.

“I just wanted to dive back in.”


SWNS_SEAL_SWIM_02The drone footage was captured by photographer Sylvia Stojilkovic and the underwater GoPro footage was shot by another customer Adam Rosenberg.

The seals are there all year round and the team get there using a speedboat.

It is part of a 13-day group adventure tours which includes paddle boarding with the penguins of Boulders beach and abseiling down Table mountain.


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