Forget Brexit; Gibraltar goes for Convivencia!



True to its history and tradition, this June Gibraltar will be host to a diverse group of thinkers, artists and musicians from around the Mediterranean region. The new BrightMed initiative alongside the well-established Gibraltar World Music Festival (GWMF) aims to celebrate the values and traditions of the Rock with a message of peace and coexistence in the face of many divisive movements around the world.

The organisers of the 3-day event, Gibraltar Productions, believe that “the example of Convivencia from medieval Spain is the one message that the world needs to see and hear more than ever in this confused and uncertain times”. This unique event from 6 to 8 June 2017 will also include an Art Exhibition and a Documentary Film Festival focusing on the struggle of the African musicians. The BrightMed International Conference on the theme of Convivencia will be opened by the Chief Minister and the Governor of Gibraltar at Gibraltar University.

This year’s Gibraltar World Music Festival named Uprising will feature some of the best known musicians of the region such as Yossi Fine, Bassekou Kouyate and Gili Yalo and will take place in the famous St Michael’s Cave, as in previous years. To cap it all, there will be a street party open to all with the theme of AFREEKA!
To learn more about GWMF and BrightMed conference and events or to reserve tickets contact:


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