For fox sake: Council workers paint over dead cub


Bungling council workers have been branded ”despicable” after they painted white line road markings over a dead fox cub.

Pensioner Roy Gladdish, 66, spotted the creature lying beside a road in Medway, Kent, with white lines painted over its legs.

He believes callous council roadworkers decided to paint over the fox cub rather than stop their lorry and move it.

Former lorry driver Roy, and his wife Carol, 58, from Allhallows, Kent, have described the incident as ”distressing”.

He said: ”We couldn’t believe our eyes when we drove past. We were so gobsmacked we had to go round the roundabout and come back.

”I can’t believe how a human being could do something so despicable to an animal. It’s just atrocious behaviour.

”It sounds like a comedy sketch, but sadly it was for real. The fox might have been dead, but it still deserved some respect.

”It was a pretty distressing thing for us to have to do, but we couldn’t just leave it lying there.

”It is appalling. It’s so senseless, the council contractors must have seen it when they painted the white lines.

”I don’t think it was fair for other people to drive past and see it. We are animal lovers and it was very distressing.”

Medway Council contractors failed to spot the dead animal as they carried out work on the Ratcliffe Highway, Kent, on September 18.

The road had been closed for 24 hours while double white lines were painted after the carriageway underwent resurfacing work.

Roy and Carol placed plastic bags on their hands before removing the fox on September 19.

A council spokesman blamed the incident on private contractors and revealed the gap where the fox lay has now been repainted at no extra cost.

He said: ”This was an unfortunate incident that occurred while private contractors employed by the council were carrying out road marking work.

”The contractors are responsible for ensuring the road surface is clear before lining takes place, however that did not happen in this case.

”We have been in touch with our contractors and the lines have now been repainted at no extra cost.”


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