Foot-bull’s coming home as calf is born with St Georges Cross on his face


Farmer Phil Powles is convinced foot-bull’s coming home – after one of his cattle was born with the St George’s Cross on his FACE.

The bullock – named George – stunned Phil when he was born with the distinctive red and white markings on his face on April 1.

And Phil, 47, reckons George can spur the England team onto victory in Sunday’s high-steaks World Cup quarter-final game against Germany.

Phil, who runs a 70-strong cattle farm in Leominster, Herefordshire, said: ”I have been farming for 40 years and never seen anything quite like the markings on George.

”I reckon it must be a good omen for England’s World Cup hopes – George is the team’s biggest fan.

”George isn’t tame yet and is pretty wild so I reckon he takes after Wayne Rooney.

”Like Rooney, George likes to run all over the field and he can be temperamental when you try and catch him.”

George, a Herefordshire cross Blonde, has also been saved from the chop thanks to his distinctive markings.

Phil, a divorced dad-of-three, said: ”I don’t think I can bring myself to send George to the butchers.

”I reckon his new found fame as an England will make him more valuable anyway.”


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