Is Flying by Private Jet a Viable Option for Your Next Business Trip?


Flying by private jet offers individuals who are travelling for business purposes a wide range of benefits. And, where once it was the case that only the most successful entrepreneurs, directors and executives could afford to do so, this is no longer so. Travelling by chartered private jet is now more accessible and affordable than ever before. Here then, we ask, is flying by private jet a viable option for your next business trip?

Increased Passengers Numbers and Destinations

The past five years has seen a boom in the number of people choosing to fly by private jet, many of them for business purposes. There are several reasons for this, but the most significant of these concerns the way private charters have changed their business model. They have introduced new mobile phone apps with which passengers can set up an account and reserve seats, but more significantly, passengers can now share a jet or book seats on empty leg flights with companies like Vistajet. These changes have lowered the cost of flying private.

The business community in Western Europe and in particular France, Germany and the UK have been quickest to take advantage of this in order to reach a number of key destinations. For business, Geneva is a prime destination, while for pleasure Nice and Olbia are two of the most popular airports to fly into.

Why Fly Private for Business?  

Among the reasons individuals choose to fly private for business trips is the privacy and security. Private jets can act as “boardrooms in the sky” where business can be done in-flight, either face-to-face on board the jet, via mobile phone or using the internet.

Other reasons include speed and convenience, private passengers are not required to queue in airports and can be in the air 20 minutes after arriving. There is also kudos to be earned from flying by private jet and as we know in the world of big business, this can be extremely advantageous.

In addition to this, the cost of chartering a private jet is now comparable to that of flying business class – the latter becoming increasingly problematic due to the number of business call seats falling dramatically.

In summary, chartering private jets is now cheaper, they are easily accessible and booking seats is simple, plus they are more comfortable and offer increased security and privacy. So, in answer to the posed question – is flying by private jet a viable option for your next business trip? The answer may well be – is it viable not to?


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