Flower Girl Dress Colours to Choose to Suit Your Lovely Flower Girl


Each and every flower girl is beautiful and special, and the best way to bring out their unique cuteness is to choose the perfect colour. When finding flower girl dresses, consider your flower girl’s complexion and hair colour in order to find the very best shade. Or…let her choose the colour on her own! Read on for our top tips for finding the best flower girl dress colours to suit your lovely flower girls.

Consider complexion and find flattering shades

Do your flower girls have gorgeously fair or stunningly deep skin tones? Are they wonderfully freckled or beautifully tanned? Consider their skin tone and find shades to flatter and compliment their incredible complexion. Deeper skin tones look amazing in deep yellows or electric blue, while paler skin looks stunning in rich green and lavender shades. White flower girl dresses look beautiful on absolutely any skin tone…but the challenge is keeping it clean!  

Consider hair and eye colour and make them pop with bold hues

Hair colour and eye colour are great starting points when choosing flower girl dress colours. Choose contrasting colours to make hair and eyes really pop. For example, red hair looks amazing against emerald green, and black hair looks breathtaking against bold fuschia. Brown eyes are really enhanced by blue dress colours, and blue eyes are vibrant against plums and purples.

Consider accessories and shoes to add extra colour

You don’t necessarily need to go with full-on opaque, bold colour for your flower girl dresses. You could choose a subtler shade and amp up the colour profile with accessories and shoes. This way, you can find different-coloured accessories to suit each individual flower girl. You could start with creamy ivory or white flower girl dresses and add a sash, belt, shoes or headband in a different colour specific to each lovely girl.

Ask your flower girl/s what their favourite colour is and use it as inspiration

If you want to make your flower girl/s the happiest little girls on the planet, ask them which colour they would like their flower girl dress to be. You could also ask their Mom to help you pick a colour which will suit their little girl as well as making her feel comfortable and happy. Be prepared for some bold, bright colours if you choose this option! If their colour choice just isn’t possible (or preferable), you could tell them they can wear shoes and a headband in their favourite colour…and even match the flowers to their chosen hue.


There are many ways to choose a colour for your flower girl dresses which will not only suit her, but will make her feel happy and excited for the big day. Find colours which flatter and compliment skin, hair and eye colour, or start with white and add coloured accessories. For the braver brides out there…go ahead and let the flower girl choose her own flower girl dress colour!


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