Five Rhino Calves Reintroduced Into The Wild With Help From Bighearted Scots

Vet nurse Jade Aldridge with one of the orphaned rhino's.

These moving pictures show the release of five orphaned rhino calves back into the South African wild — thanks to the help of kindhearted Scottish volunteers.

The calves were all victims of poaching –- their mothers murdered for their horns — and were rescued by charity Rhino Revolution.

Through the UK arm of the charity, passionate Scots volunteers have been banding together to fundraise for the project.

The five calves were rescued and rehabilitated over two years and they are now old enough to fend for themselves in the wild.

Five orphan rhino’s that have been dehorned.
Vet nurse Natalie Rogers with one of the orphaned rhino’s.

The calves have all been dehorned, to deter poachers.

CEO of Rhino Revolution Phil Ovens said: “We are extremely proud of these wonderful end results – a glimmer of hope in the poaching war.”

The animals have been cared for at Rhino Revolution’s Orphanage and Rehabilitation Centre, outside Hoedsprui, South Africa.

Five orphan rhino’s that have been dehorned back in the wild.

RCVS Veterinary nurses Natalie Rogers and Jade Aldridge have looked after the calves since their arrival.

They said: “So much care has gone into looking after these traumatised babies over the years.

“We are both so delighted that we have achieved what we set out to do, by following our closed facility model – we hope we have given them the best possible chance to be wild rhino.”


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