Finally! TRAMPO! Instant CFD CLOUD COMPUTING license inclusive


Today the needs of CFD engineers and consultants Gold Coast, Australia are being met by the birth of a quasi-instantaneous burst capacity in the cloud product to Star-CCM+®* users without requiring any cloud computing/licensing setup.
* Star-CCM+ is a registered trade mark of CD-adapco.

A few years ago, Trampo founder Guillaume Jolly was awarded a multi-million dollar grant by the Australian Government for his research on active facades.

Multi-scale CFD models with complex macros were required to capture the thermal behaviour of the façades. This project came to an abrupt end when funding dried up in the aftermath of the GFC.

However, Guillaume was still very keen to pursue his project. He got attached to his supercomputer and his unlimited cores licence and it was a waning memory…

Sharing a High Performance Computing facility with others was the obvious way forward.

Guillaume identified a niche in the market: CFD engineers who would benefit from a straightforward access to cloud computing.


Guillaume Jolly says “Users no longer need to waste time in uploads and downloads, setting up cloud computing, or buying cloud licenses.

These are real limitations of traditional cloud computing.

Introducing our “Smart Simulation Handling” technology, synchronised folders and upfront Pay As You Go payment method.”


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