Film Music’s New Horror Master Premieres ‘SATANIC In The UK!


satanicBeware the demons; the diabolical feature ‘Satanic’ has arrived on UK soil! Terror has crossed the Atlantic bringing with it a wicked new soundtrack by horror’s newest music master, Todd Haberman.

On the heels the successful feature release of “The Charnel House,” the Los Angeles-based composer returns to delight horror fans with more terrorizing sounds. The “Satanic” soundtrack is a devilishly daunting score that premieres in select UK theatres and digitally this week!

The soundtrack created by horror’s music henchman lures audiences in with trancelike melodies only to violently shock them with stunning and frightful arrangements that make even sceptics jump from their seats.

“Satanic” is the story of a group of college friends embarking on believe will be the road trip of a lifetime! In a plan to make most of their journey, they plan a couple of stops before reaching their final destination, the Coachella Music & Arts Festival. Their trip, however, takes an unexpected turn when they stop in Los Angeles to check out true-crime occult sites and encounter a mysterious young runaway who puts them on a terrifying path to the ultimate horror.

Jeffrey Hunt directs the film from the producers of The Walking Dead, starring Sarah Hyland, Justin Chon, Clara Mamet and Steven Krueger. “Satanic,” is now playing in select theatres, and On Demand, on Amazon and iTunes.

When speaking of his work, the composer stresses that the sound for each scene is crucial to the storyline, as well as the fear factor. The music can mean the difference between a cheesy, unbelievable moment or a hair-raising experience.

“For example, If you see a girl walking down a dark hall you’re not scared because it’s just a girl in a walking down a hall, that’s where I come in,” the composer says confidently. “Once the music is, the scene changes dramatically…I bring in the fear!”

“I love creating and embellishing the nerve-wrecking and scary scenes,” admits Haberman with mischievous excitement. “I hope the UK audiences like it.”

toddTo inspire fear in the movie watchers, Haberman relied heavily on his instincts an organic combination of minimal and embellished sound arrangements.

“Sometimes the fear comes with the mystery, and it is as simple as a sustained pitch or an aleatoric figure on the strings. Other times it needs to be aggressive with a distorted percussion and synthesizer combination,” explains the composer is now in the running for an Academy Award.

Last month the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) announced the 145 scores eligible in the Best Original Score category, among them Haberman’s delectable score for “The Charnel House.” The final nominees will announce this January 24th, and if “The Charnel House” is named, it will mean the dark horse is one step closer to the Oscar.

The on-demand composer is now in the studio working on three features coming out later this year. The thrillers, Twelve Feet Deep, “Next Door,” and the horror comedy, “Cynthia.”

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