Fifth female officer resigns from prison after accusations of sex with inmates


Union chiefs today called for an investigation into a scandal-hit prison after a FIFTH female officer resigned after being accused of having sex with inmates.

Fifth female officer resigns from prison after accusations of sex with inmates

The women all served at Category C Onley Prison, near Rugby, Warks., – home to some of the nation’s most dangerous murderers, rapists and paedophiles.

Yesterday it emerged five female officers have quit the 700-inmate jail since 2004 amid allegations of having ”inappropriate relationships” with prisoners.

One female officer was even accused of getting herself transferred to the jail so she could be close to her prisoner boyfriend.

The latest is married mum Giselle Woodford, 28, resigned three weeks ago after a probe was launched into allegations she had an affair with thug Jonathan Forrest, 21.

The Prison Officers Association (POA) is now calling on the Government to tighten up the vetting procedure on prospective officers to prevent further embarrassing scandals.

Shockingly, candidates do not have to undergo face-to-face interviews before getting a job in a prison.

Tom Robson, national vice chairman of the POA, said: ”The vetting procedures need tightening up as a matter of urgency.

”At the moment prospective prison officers fill in a form and then get placed on a training course.

”The closest they get to a face-to-face interview is when they get their first job in a prison.

”You need a very strong character to be a prison officer.

”You can’t afford to have vulnerable people in your employment. The system has to change.”

He added that he was particularly concerned about the level of sordid allegations at Onley.

He said: ”This sort of thing does happen from time to time but I would say for five people to resign from one prison in these circumstances is highly unusual.”

A member of the POA added: ”There needs to be a high-level inquiry into what is happening at Onley – clearly something is not right.”

Mrs Woodford’s alleged fling with Forrest came to light after love letters written by her were discovered in his cell.

She was also said to have romped with the gang leader in his cell and met him for sex sessions in a motorway hotel when he was released from prison with an electronic tag.

A prison source said: ”Everyone knew they were at it. She was in his cell all the time laughing and flirting with him.

”Forrest worked out a lot in the gym and was a cocky Jack-the-lad, I think she got off on that.”

Forrest, who was serving four years for a brutal robbery, met Woodford after she was assigned as his personal officer last February.

The Ministry of Justice confirmed five female prison officers had left the prison in the last six years.

A spokesman said: ”The officers left after allegations were made about inappropriate relationships.

”The investigations were not completed after the officers resigned.”


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