Ferrari reveals world’s most expensive book


Supercar maker Ferrari has published the world’s most expensive new BOOK – which costs a mind-boggling £155,000.

Ferrari reveals world's most expensive book

The diamond-encrusted ‘Official Ferrari Opus Enzo Diamante’ costs £10,000 more than the company’s cheapest car, the 193mph California.

Just one copy will be sold in each country worldwide, making it the ultimate supercar accessory.

The 200,000 word tome has information on every Ferrari road and race car as well as every professional driver to work for the company.

It is printed on heavy-duty paper – weighing a back-breaking 37kg – and features more than 2,000 images of the iconic company.

Every living Ferrari F1 world champion will personally sign the 50cm x 50cm book on an individually numbered, silver-foiled signature sheet.

The handcrafted red leather cover of the 852-page book is adorned with the famous ‘Prancing Horse’ logo – which has more than 30 carats of diamonds encrusted in it.

For ultimate exclusivity, Ferrari has limited the ‘Diamante’ to one copy per country with a super-wealthy Australian already buying his nation’s allotted book at last week’s Melbourne Grand Prix.

Ferrari reveals world's most expensive book

The Official Ferrari Opus has been published by Kraken Opus, the company behind other ultra-exclusive books on subjects from Michael Jackson to Man United.

It is also available in various ‘cheaper’ editions – ranging from £2,000 to £20,000.

The classic model (£2,000) is signed by current Ferrari Formula 1 drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa and is limited to 4,100 copies worldwide.

Next on the price-list is the £3,750 ‘Cavallino Rampante’ edition which is limited to

500 copies and has an actual Ferrari badge, identical to those seen on the marque’s road cars.

The Enzo edition, named after Ferrari’s fastest ever road car, is limited to 400 like the model itself. It’s signed by all living Ferrari world champions and costs £20,000.

Ferrari reveals world's most expensive book

The Ferrari California

Eszter Karpati, editor of The Official Ferrari Opus, said: ”We have tried to tell the full story of this fascinating brand in all its complexities while also placing it in new and sometimes unexpected contexts to explore different aspects of its unique appeal.”

But if you can’t afford these eye-watering prices, then you can download it as an application for free on the iPad and iPhone.

* Michelangelo: La Dotta Mano was previously the world’s most expensive book when it was released in 2008. The 28kg book depicted the life and works of Michelangelo with each copy rumoured to take six months to complete.

The $150,000 (USD) book’s front cover is made of white marble from Michelangelo’s favorite quarry with more than 20 copies sold.

The most expensive book ever is a copy of 19th-century masterpiece ‘John James Audubon’s Birds of America’ which sold at auction last year for £7.3 million.



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