Ferrari inspired golf buggy: yours for £18,000


Golfers with £18,000 to spare can now make their pals green with envy – with this golf cart replica of a Ferrari.

Ferrari inspired golf buggy - all yours for just £18,000

The electric-powered Pennwick F5 boasts alloy wheels, leather seats and a top speed of 20mph.

It tops a range of luxury golf buggies built by US-based Pennwick which includes a replica Bentley, Rolls-Royce and retro American hotrod.

Designer John Pennington claims the F5 drives ”more like a sports car than a golf cart” because of its specialist chassis.

It is inspired by the Enzo – the ultimate Ferrari which now changes hands for upwards of £1 million.

Ferrari inspired golf buggy - all yours for just £18,000

Prices for the F5 start at £12,000, rising to a wallet-busting £18,000 for the top-of-the-range model featuring hardtop and leather seats.

The 4bhp motor uses six 8 volt batteries and one six-hour charge lasts for three rounds of golf.

John, who founded the Utah-based company, said: ”No one really needs an Italian sports car, but life is sure better when you have one.

Ferrari inspired golf buggy - all yours for just £18,000

”The F5 is the first custom golf cart chiselled from classic Italian sports car architecture.

”Pennwick’s craftsmen have sculpted this custom golf cart with perfectly balanced design in mind.

”It is the most exotic, desirable and simply awe inspiring luxury custom golf cart around with handling far superior to anything else.

”I am thrilled with how the F5 turned out. It is the best golf cart ever made.”

Ferrari inspired golf buggy - all yours for just £18,000


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