Female music teacher, 35, suspended over bizarre ‘comedy videos’ on her Facebook page

Stephanie Aird in one of her bizarre videos
Stephanie Aird in one of her bizarre videos

A teacher has been suspended after posting a series of bizarre ‘comedy’ videos on Facebook – including swearing and joking about throwing a dog through a window.

Music tutor Stephanie Aird, 35, is being investigated after the “inappropriate” films appeared online – and were quickly viewed and shared by hundreds of her pupils.

Secondary school teacher Aird posted eleven bizarre and rambling ‘selfie’ videos on her Facebook in the space of two days.

The engaged head of music pulled different faces and wore costumes – and in one talks to the camera while bouncing on a small TRAMPOLINE.

At one point she says ‘oh shite’ because a ‘bastard dog’ has eaten a trainer and says she “feel like chucking the dog through the shed window”.

She also rambles about her fiance going for a shower two and a half hours, finding some frozen cod sauce, and her arm getting stuck behind a radiator.

The videos on an open profile were first viewed by her friends who thought they were a series of comedy sketches  and congratulated her.

But they were then seen by pupils who shared them around Dyke House Sports and Technology College, in Hartlepool.

The school then received complaints by parents who said they were ”inappropriate”.

Head teacher Andrew Jordon was alerted to the videos by colleagues during the six-week break, and confirmed the teacher was immediately suspended from her duties.

He said: “I cannot comment in detail about a disciplinary case which is on-going.

“But I can confirm that the individual has been suspended and an investigation is underway.

“The school has a very stringent acceptable user policy for ICT-related issues which all members of staff have signed up to.”

The 11 videos, uploaded between the 8th and 10th of August, have since been shared by students.

The comedy-sketch type videos, which were shot on a mobile phone, cover a variety of topics from ballet lessons, cleaning a caravan, and finding her finance, Ian Robinson.

In one video, shared with the message “unfortunate event- Bastard Dog needs muzzling”, the woman from Hartlepool, tries to turn a cat’s death into a comedy sketch about a dog eating trainers.

She said: “I come to you with an unfortunate event. I feel absolutely awful. Me cat got run over, not Minstrel, nah, it’s Minstrel’s birthday today. This other cat we haven’t had for very long got run over.

“Ian couldn’t bury it. He couldn’t look at it he was so upset. So I tweeted it on Twitter and me mate Jim answered. He said ‘I’ll come up and bury it if you like?’ I said, alright then, yes please.

“Anyway, he’s been up and buried it. Before he went out he took his shoes off – Nike Airs, £122 a pair. Only got them three days ago.

“While he’s out there burying the cat in Ian’s wellies, dog ate his Nike Air trainers. I feel like chucking the dog through the shed window like our other dog.

“Absolutely gutted, I feel awful. I’ll have to go, bye.”

However, before stopping the video, she continues: “Oh god. Nike Air. Couldn’t they have been Primark? Why can’t he wear Primark trainers like ever bugger else. Oh no, oh shite.”

In other videos, where she can be seen in erratic make-up of thick lip-stick and in one, a belt wrapped around her head, she rambles about Ian going upstairs for a shower two and a half hours ago, finding some frozen cod sauce, and her arm getting stuck behind a radiator.

The teacher also congratulated one of her students, Micheal Rice, after he won over all four judges on the latest series of the X Factor with his rendition of Whitney Houston’s I look To You.

It is understood the teacher will be investigated by a senior member of staff where the nature of the videos will be discussed, before the head teacher makes a decision on what action to take.


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