Facebook picture (TAKEN WITHOUT PERMISSION) of Bex Venables (FRONT CENTRE), the female trainee minister who banned a five-year-old boy from an after school club for wearing frocks – dressed as a 118 man complete with a fake MOUSTACHE. See NTI story NTIDRESS. Bex Venables kicked youngster Romeo Clarke out her church-run club saying his choice of princess dresses did not “match his gender.” He was booted out of the Buzz Children’s Club in Rugby, Warks., after Ms Venables told the youngster’s mum Georgina, 36, he was “confusing” other children. But the blonde trainee minster and children’s and community worker appears not to practice what she preaches – which this picture of her in fancy dress clearly shows. The snap, on the 25-year-old’s Facebook page, is taken outside the Rugby Christian Fellowship church and shows her sporting a handlebar moustache. Yesterday (Fri) Romeo’s mum fumed: “How hypocritical is it that Bex can tell me my son not to wear girls’ clothes and then pose dressed up as man?

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