Feedee fat fetish website star: “Food makes me orgasm!”


The Roly-poly star of a feedee fat fetish website told yesterday how her weight ballooned to 35 stone – because eating food makes her ORGASM.

WARNING: Contains photographs of a sexual nature that some users may find offensive

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Gigantic Gabi Jones, 25, gorges on high-calorie foods like ice cream, cakes and pizza until she reaches climax.

The 48DDD blonde suffers from a rare medical condition called persistent genital arousal disorder, where orgasms are triggered without direct sexual arousal.

But rather than wallow in self-pity, Gabi decided to profit from her affliction by setting up a fetish website where punters PAY to watch her scoff herself to orgasm.

Thousands of members pay £10 per month to ogle at her on www.gaininggabi.com.

Gabi experienced her first food orgasm in her late teens while tucking into a treat at an ice cream parlour called Wickedy Splits.

She said: ”I loved the velvety texture of ice cream on my tongue. Then one day as I was tucking in I felt a tingle starting down below.

”Then the pressure kept building until suddenly it swept through my body. I felt light-headed and flushed.

”I was stunned, but in no doubt of what had happened.

”My friends thought I was making it up. But from then on, every time I tucked into rich, creamy deserts the trembling and tingling began.

”I went out and bought an ice-cream maker and soon I had knee-trembling orgasms whenever I wanted.”

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Gabi, of from Colorado, USA, decided to embrace her large size at the age of 17 when doctors told her she was genetically disposed to being obese.

Gabi said: ”I started looking at my body differently. I stopped feeling as though I was gross and fat and started recognising that I was big and beautiful.

”I could see some people were drawn to me. I started embracing my sexuality and loving food. The bigger I got the sexier I felt.”

She tipped the scales at at 19-and-a-half stone in her early 20s but ballooned by 15 stones over the last five years after discovering her condition.

Her website tells fans how she loves ”to be naughty with food in public” and sells the virtues of her ”unique heart-shaped belly” and ”soft breasts”.

It reads: ”I am a growing girl and I would love if you would join my journey of showing how beautiful fat really is.”

She said: ”When I indulge, I never rush. I take my time and treat all meals as very sexual experiences.

”It brings men pleasure to see how much pleasure food brings me and there is nothing wrong with that.

”I am not really doing it for the men. I am doing it for women, for fat women everywhere, to encourage them to feel sexy and beautiful.”

X-rated videos on her website show her posing in skimpy see-through outfits that display her fatty rolls while feasting on calorie-filled snacks until she climaxes.

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The funtime ‘feedee’ accepts gifts of food through her website and has even posed in a pig snout and slipped into a fat suit at the request of her fans.

Gabi, who wears size 32 tops and 44 bottoms, said: ”Some men send me presents of food – like cheesecakes and burgers. My favourite is ice cream.

”I take pictures of myself eating their gifts and post them on the site.”

Now the roly-poly role model is considering writing an advice manual for plus-sized girls to help them to accept themselves.

Gabi, who loves hiking, swimming, and camping, insists that morbidly obese people can be fat and healthy.

She said: ”I can’t understand why my size seems to offend so many people. It really annoys me when people look at me and say: ‘You should be ashamed of yourself, you’re so unhealthy and fat’.

”I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I’ve never done drugs. I am morbidly obese but in every other way I am perfectly healthy.

”I just wish people would accept that. I am fat, fit and healthy.

”I am changing perceptions and I won’t stop what I do until the world recognises that big is beautiful and fat is fabulous.”


  1. Hi Gabi, it´s not your size, but you could do so lovely and wonderful things and enjoy life, you´re killing yourself, that´s not the meaning of life. Stop eating the fattening things and enjoy life.

  2. I fully support Gabi! Gaining weight makes her happy and makes her fans happy. Her relationship with food is sexually fulfilling for herself and her admirers. Health is a choice, not a requirement, and she’s made her choice.

    Furthermore, fat fetishism is actually much more common than people think, we are just afraid to ‘come out of the closet’ and talk about our desires for fear of being dismissed and judged. I decided a while ago I was tired of hiding who I am, and it’s time everyone went public with what they find erotic. I FIND FAT GIRLS AND GIRLS GAINING WEIGHT ON PURPOSE SEXY, and I am not ashamed of it!

    • back it up – “health is a choice, not a requirement”

      …health means people live, if you are not healthy then you are sick, then you die.
      have fun with that, and encouraging people to think thats okay.

  3. No. The point of life is to be happy, and if she is, I FULLY support her. As well as supporting those who relate to her, she’s happy, she’s making others happy. And I’m sure she accepts the consequences.
    I’m qquite happy for her really, she seems lovely.

  4. Health is a choice. Drugs are bad for you and people choose to do it. Smoking is bad for your health and people still do it. Drinking alcohol is bad for your health and people do it. Obesity is a choice.Yes its not good for your health i agree but you cant say “Trying to gain weight is stupid your only killing yourself” if your smoke drink do drugs or anything cause your doing the exact same thing. Words of advice. dont be a hypocrite

  5. stick chicks say being fat is bad but then they smoke and drink and kill more vital organs than what a bbw and ssbbw kill aka the heart is all they kill

  6. if she’s happy – let her be.

    i’m sure dying of heart failure at age 45 is the fat version of the american dream. and no, i do not support feedees and feeders.

    killers kill, and that sometimes make them happy. should we support them? no. it is morally wrong, and our society created morality, and we stick with it.

    accepting your body is a wonderful thing, and i support it. destroying yourself, supporting immobility and obesity is not.

    if someone does this in the realm of privacy, of their home, then i’m okay with it, but if you bring it up on the internet, declaring how awesome it is, supporting this dangerous life-style then i start feeling very, very bad for all those people.

    i’m a smoker, i’m not healthy. it’s my choise. it’ll be my own fault if one day i’ll get cancer. but i don’t go over the internet and encourage other to take up such a habit. i actually suggest people to stop when they can, to not even start.

    and – last thing – the pursuit of happiness is present in most constitutios. suicide, self-destruction and similiar are, technically speaking and in most country (Germany, for example) against the law.

  7. I am so turned on by fat people. She is happy eating what she wants and entertains those of us with a fat fetish. Many things are unhealthy. It’s just that with fatties, their bodies show their addiction on the outside. And not everyone wants to live long.


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