Father of X Factor reject Treyc Cohen lashes out at Cheryl Cole and labels reality show “a fix”


X Factor reject Treyc Cohen’s father today lashed out at Cheryl Cole and accused TV bosses of plotting to get rid of his daughter – storming: ”It’s a fix and a freak show”.

X Factor reject Treyc Cohen's father lashes out at Cheryl Cole

In an explosive outburst, furious dad Fitzgerald Cohen slammed his daughter’s mentor Cheryl Cole who sealed her fate by refusing to vote.

Her decision to abstain meant Treyc Cohen was dumped out of the competition with warbling Katie Waissel scraping through by just ONE vote.

Yesterday Fitzgerald, 68, fumed: ”It’s a fix. It’s as simple as that. I have no idea why Treyc is out.

”She was easily the best singer and should not have lost out to Katie.

”Lots of things happen behind the scenes so certain contestants are kept in and some voted off.

”The show is not about singing, it’s a freak show now.”

Talented Treyc, 27, narrowly lost out to ”freak show” Katie when both singers found themselves in the bottom two on Sunday night.

Shocked fans watched as Treyc crashed out of the competition after Cheryl refused to vote for either act even though Simon had already opted to save Katie.

Dannii Minogue voted for Treyc but Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh both chose to save Katie – opening the door for Treyc’s exit.

If Cheryl had voted for Treyc the winner would have been decided by whoever received the most public votes.

Outside the studio furious fans chanted ”fix” and millions have accused Cheryl of deliberately keeping oddball Katie in the competition because she is a ratings winner.

Fitzgerald added: ”When I was watching on Sunday I couldn’t believe my eyes and think Treyc has been let down by Cheryl.

”She knew Treyc was the better singer but sat back and let her go.

”She knew she was already one-down after Simon voted for Katie but refused to balance the score.

”There should be an investigation launched into why Cheryl was allowed to refuse to vote.”

Fitzgerald is now planning a huge welcome back party for his daughter when she returns to the family home in Tamworth, Staffs.

He said: ”There is a lot of steel in that little body of hers.

”She has worked hard all her life for this and has performed fantastically and should be very proud of herself.

”There is no way she won’t be back. She will prove she does need the X Factor to be successful.”



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