Father-of-two keeps the streets safe – dressed as a ninja


A crime-fighting father-of-two has taken to the streets at night to protect the public and foil dozens of attacks – dressed as a NINJA.

Father-of-two keeps the streets safe - dressed as a ninja

By day martial arts expert Ken Andre, 33, spends time looking after his wife Leigh, 27, and their two young sons like any normal dad.

But by night, the ex-military guard dons his black Japanese Ninjutsu robes and heads out onto the streets as nimble superhero ”Shadow”.

The vigilante, who lets out a ‘growling roar’ war cry as he leaps from the darkness to combat the forces of evil, goes out equipped with a weapon and even wears a HEARING AID to amplify sound.

He claims residents with anti-social problems are now calling him to get involved in their issues after he began patrolling the streets up to four nights-a-week.

The fearless superman has settled scores of disputes and even left one crook tied to a lamppost for the police to find.

Brave Ken – aka Shadow – said Today: ”When I was seven or eight I used to see my mum being beaten up by various boyfriends.

”I vowed not to let it happen again to my friends and family. So I grew up from a little child into a weapon.

”Even today when I hear cries, it sets something off inside – like a trigger. Something calls me.

”I am a force for good and have been doing this for many years.

”I have walked down the streets and no-one has ever seen me – even in urban areas.”

The unemployed dad, who has been learning the Japanese art of Ninjutsu since he was a youngster, stalks the shadows of Yeovil, Somerset, when the sun goes down.

He sometimes spends all night out on the streets, waiting to swoop in and save victims of crime – wearing a hearing aid to pick up the faintest cries for help

Ken battles muggers, drug pushers, abusive boyfriends and boy racers with just his martial arts skills and a wooden pole.

The superhero insists he tries to settle the disputes as calmly as possible, but will use force if required, before calmly melting back into the shadows before police arrive.

Father-of-two keeps the streets safe - dressed as a ninja

He also has developed a special roaring war cry to help disperse crowds of youths.

Ken started his remarkable night-time jaunts after him and his brother came across a group of thugs beating up a man six years ago.

He said the gang members were so alarmed when he jumped out in his ninja outfit, they bolted.

The vigilante revealed: ”I do not look for trouble. But if there’s a problem and I can help, I do it with my ability using minimum force.

”I don’t think I am a superhero. I just have the confidence and skills to tackle situations.

”I will go and assess the problem. If the problem is, for example, an abusive boyfriend, I will see if I can resolve it by chatting.

”I want to solve it without violence but I’m prepared for it, if it flares up.

”There are nights where I don’t come across anything which is great. I can concentrate on meditating and training.

”But over the years there have been a lot of times where I have intervened – dozens.”

The former Army security guard spends up to four nights a week on the streets and has tackled many criminals.

One time he saw a thief burgling his car while out training.

He then brought down the hapless crooks by throwing NUNCHUCKS at his legs.

Ken said: ”I tied him to the lamppost using his own legs and called the police. That is just one example of what I can do.

”A mate of mine had his car and property vandalised. He felt trapped in his house. The police told him to move and he was at his wits’ end.

”He contacted me for help. I went down there and stayed in the shadows. I was a few metres away from them and they didn’t know I was there.

”I won’t repeat when then happened but the problem went away.”

The crime-fighter has devised his own interpretation of a ninja soldier – called Tengujutsu – after years of research.

He also says wife Leigh and two young sons, Troy, aged three, and Drew, aged four, have fully accepted his night-time activities.

Father-of-two keeps the streets safe - dressed as a ninja

Ken added: ”I have made contact with some of the greatest ninjas in the world.

”I have created my own form by studying martial arts and the human anatomy. You need to learn how to break down the body quick.

”It’s about using minimal force but having the most impact with surprise and knowing where to strike.

”Leigh is completely used to it. I made sure I told her about it and explained it to her.

”Maybe she thought it was weird at first but she knows it’s who I am. I have even told and showed her how to be aware of her surroundings and given her advice.”

Avon and Somerset Police insisted they did not condone someone putting themselves in harms’ way.

A spokesman for the force said: ”We would never encourage people to take the law into their own hands or put themselves in danger.”


  1. “..the unemployed dad, who has been learning the Japanese art of Ninjutsu since he was a youngster..” He needs to grow up, get a job and stop using tax payers money to fund his retarded hobby!

  2. I think it’s a great idea. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everyone should be walking around at night beating people up but it’s like citizens arrest… sort of. As long as the man understands he is putting his family in danger if he mixes with the wrong crowed. Also an idea to get some certificates,eg: private detective,

  3. We should develop special units like this In every city 2 man cells as ninja patrolling streets I for one support this man fully laws in this country are too lax we need to toughen up If your caught stealing cut off their finger then next time the hand people will soon learn. I also think we should bring in sum sort of national service not letting people get free money for sitting round o their ass all week you want your £45 a week job seekers well you’ll have to do x or y ie litter picking for 8 hrs or labouring for a government building project and if you’ve been on job seekers for more than 3 months then bye bye it would be more helpful to give slightly more for less time then your on your own than spoon feed people there is something terribly wrong with society and the waybit is going and it disturbs me greatly

    • That sounds like a good idea at first, but just like police, there is a chance for corruption. What would we do with a bunch of ninjas taking pay offs and sneaking up on innocence. It’s better if average people do this to make a point. First they do it for free because they care. Second people would take them more seriously because they seem crazy, and crazy people have nothing to lose. In the end only a select few have the knowledge, the skill, and the conviction, to do this. They are a great example to the world of what you can do to help keep it safe.

    • It isn’t difficult to imagine someone that used to be a part of the military as a security guard. I have the same situation.

  4. I once thought it was wrong for people to take the law into their own hands like this. But if the only thing the police can do is advice people to move, then you kinda loose trust in the system. I know mine is long gone.

    He has my support also. But I think he just broke the #1 rule of superheroes: NEVER reveal your true identity. I am worried that this article may have put his family at risk. What if some of the people he has beat up come looking for payback?

  5. Idiot deffo wont go as far as a crim will therefore he looses every time law is not on his side but against him feel sorry for his kids.

  6. I commend his effort but REALLY???? You are ‘fighting crime’ and you put your NAME, FACE, and pictures of your CHILDREN on the internet?!!?!?

    Do us a favor and just go become a cop and unlike MANY just be a GOOD COP.


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