Fashion and lifestyle go hand in hand



Is fashion reflected in lifestyle, or vice versa?

The answer to this question differs depending on the person answering it due to the objectivity behind it.

Undoubtedly, something all answers have in common is that they are the result of an intriguing question, a question that draws attention. Do people who do not care about their appearance look more apathetic than the rest ?, or is their personality only apathetic to clothing?

If we take a moment answer this question, thousands of questions will arise in our mind. Clothing has always had a great social influence, and this influence grows more and more day after day, so it is something we cannot leave aside. What is the REAL answer to this question?

Our mood and lifestyle influence the way we dress, that is a fact. For example, when we are discouraged, we tend to dress more carelessly than when we are at our best.

For example, if you choose to wear old clothes to a party, the chances people will think you are an apathetic person who does not take care of his appearance, and therefore does not take care of anything else, are high – If you do not take care of yourself, How are you going to take care of what surrounds you?

Studies have demonstrated that in just 6 seconds we are able to make a mental image of someone, and we associate it with some adjectives or others depending on their image, their clothes, and their body language. If we go to a party, we might want to make a good impression, so most of the time, when we have to choose clothes for a party, we try to make the most of it, we try to be elegant. And although dressing elegantly does not mean that you are elegant, that is what your image transmit, and  therefore, what people will think of you in those 6 seconds as soon as they see you.


On the contrary, if we go back to the situation we mentioned earlier and instead of dressing up with a suit, a nice tie and a stylish lapel pin, we choose to wear a broken, old and badly ironed suit with accessories like leather bracelets or big earrings, in those 6 seconds everyone will have a bad image of us. They tend to think that we do not take care of ourselves, that we do not care about other’s opinion, and millions of negative things more that in spite of not having any relation with our personality, that is what our image transmits.

It is not necessary to be an expert in fashion, nor is it necessary to spend high amounts of money to sell an image that does not correspond with our personality. With little we can transmit much, we just need to know how to properly sell our image. It does not cost much to dress well – it’s all about knowing how to do it, and dressing accordingly to every situation.

What we wear will always have a strong influence in people’s opinion, whether for good or for bad, whether we like it or not, our image plays and will always play a very important role in our relationships, and our daily life.


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