Ed Dee with Lucky the lamb, that was rescued from a freezing cold bucket of water. Ed saved its life by using his wife’s hairdryer and oven. Desborough, Northamptonshire. This is the heart-warming moment a farmer saved the life of a newborn lamb which was found in a water bucket by heating it up – with his wife’s HAIRDRYER. See NTI story NTILAMB. Ed Dee, 47, was checking on his sheep at 4.30am on March 13 when he found one of them had fallen into its mum’s water bucket. He rushed the tiny day-and-a-half-old lamb, which was close to death, into the kitchen of his farm house and started to towel dry it. The farmer then put it under a heat lamp but that wasn’t working so he turned to his wife Mo’s hairdryer. Footage captured by Mo, 46, shows the little lamb lying on a mat inside their house as Ed blow dries his whole body. The 1:03-minute video has now been viewed almost 35,000 times on Facebook in less than two weeks. Incredibly, after drying the baby sheep Ed then put him in the bottom oven of their Aga cooker with the door left open to get his body temperature up. The lamb – who has now been nicknamed Lucky – was then allowed to rejoin his mother in the field when he was fit and healthy at 9am.

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