Farmer Pimps His Ride For Christmas


swns_led_tractor_17One flashy farmer took over two months and 6,000 LED lights to pimp his tractor for Christmas.

Lovingly built by Andrew Wilkinson, 31, the unique scale model tractor is dedicated to his late father.

The twinkling tribute lighting up Andrew’s drive in Hayton, East Yorks., took two months to build the metal frame, and a further four full days of wiring the LED lights.

It is based on the John Deere 6820 Tractor that Andrew drives, and consists of a mile of wiring and 400 tie wraps.

Andrew Wilkinson, 31, of Hayton, East Yorks., at his home
Andrew Wilkinson, 31, of Hayton, East Yorks., at his home

Chuffed Andrew said: “The idea came to me a couple of years ago and I have just got around to doing it.

“It is ten years ago that my dad David, also a farmer, died of cancer. This is a dedication to him.

“It took two months worth of evenings and weekends and then four days straight of purely wiring the thing up. It was worth it though as I got it ready for December.

swns_led_tractor_19“This is one on one scale and any other time of the year they real thing would be parked inthe driveway.

“The lights are all LEDs so they’re not to bad on power, my oven defintely sucks more power than they do.

“The response has been overwhelming, I’m truly touched to be fair.

“At night I’m getting just car after case stopping to look at it. I just can’t believe the amount of people who have come to look at it.”


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