Famous cheese rolling event takes place


Hundreds of thrill-seekers have flouted health and safety rules to take part in an ‘unofficial’ cheese rolling contest.

Famous cheese rolling event takes place

The world-famous spectacle was abandoned earlier this year after organisers proposed a £20 entrance fee to fund the rising cost of insurance and medical cover.

But a large number of dedicated spectators ignored the miserable weather to watch the hardcore cheese rollers stage their own version of the wacky event on Cooper’s Hill, Gloucestershire.

Three of this year’s races were won by Chris Anderson, 23, taking the local thrill seeker’s career tally to NINE.

And the female race was won by 14-year-old Joanna Guest, from Wolverhampton.

Famous cheese rolling event takes place

Gloucestershire Constabulary closed two roads over traffic fears and reported there were no injuries at this year’s event.

Cheese rolling has been taking place on the hill for 200 years.

Contestants stand at the top of the steep slope and wait for the Double Gloucester to be tossed from the top, prompting a hectic pursuit of the cheese.

Famous cheese rolling event takes place

Its popularity has soared in recent years with more than 15,000 people flocking to the hill in 2009 – despite the area only really able to accommodate around a third of that.

Last year’s event was cancelled after insurers refused to cover it due to the amount of broken bones suffered over the years.

And organisers scrapped the 2011 chase after receiving sinister threats when they proposed a £20 entrance fee.


  1. I like this.  Ignoring the “Organizers” and the “Officials” and the “Authorities” (not to mention the “Insurers”) is an expression of freedom.  Not only that, but our world is in deep trouble when an event that has taken place for 200 years is canceled by people who will not participate in it.

  2. “And the female race was won by 14-year-old Joanna Guest, from Wolverhampton.”
    I thought that Tiffany Aching looked a bit different, but then again, what do I know, I’m just some sodding Yank.


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