Nicola Walker from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, was left stunned when the fireplace in their new home was invaded by an OWL. Pictured is the owl after the rescue in the living room. See Ross Parry copy RPYOWL : Homeowner Nicola Walker, 37, stumbled upon the feathered creature who had managed to drop in through her chimney. Nicola was confronted with the massive bird sat in the fireplace – looking at her from behind the glass. She said: “I was at home getting ready for bed and came downstairs and went into the living and looked at the fireplace and I thought I was seeing things as there was an owl behind the glass. “It was just sitting there like an exhibit in a museum or something you would see in a taxidermist. “I called my husband Ian and asked him if he saw it too, because it was not what you would expect to see on an evening.

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