The rare Bentley. A family were left stunned to discover a vintage Bentley gathering dust in their barn for 30 years is “one of the finds of the decade” and worth £300,000. See swns story SWBENTLEY.The seriously desirable Bentley 4 1/2 was built in 1929 and, six years later, bought by the grandfather of the current owner. He would take the luxury saloon on family holidays around the UK, even towing a caravan behind. In 1985 it was taken off the road and parked in a barn in Surrey where it remained until six weeks ago. The current owner, who does not want to be named, thought it would be worth around £30,000 and assumed a high end auction house like Bonhams wouldn’t have any interest in selling it. But car specialist Rob Hubbard was amazed when he opened the door of the barn, likening it to discovering a Rembrandt. He said: “To collectors this really is the holy grail. The chassis, engine, axle, gearbox, steering box numbers are all present and correct. “I have been doing this job for ten years and to find a car like this fantastic. It will need to be looked at but the body and trim are in remarkable order and won’t need to be replaced.

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