Family kitchen destroyed after Hotpoint washing machine EXPOLDES

(Plymouth Herald / SWNS Group)

A family’s kitchen has been destroyed – by an exploding WASHING MACHINE.

Simon Bettridge’s shows the devastation left in his kitchen after his washing mashine exploded (Plymouth Herald / SWNS Group)
Simon Bettridge’s shows the devastation left in his kitchen after his washing mashine exploded (Plymouth Herald / SWNS Group)

The Hotpoint appliance blew up while full of clothes – cracking the worktop surface above and shattering two adjoining cupboards and a sink.

It has left Plymouth couple Simon and Zara Bettridge and their three children without a useable kitchen.

Mr Bettridge, a Citybus bus driver, says the situation has caused his family including his autistic daughter “a lot of pain and anguish”.

The 43-year-old said Hotpoint, who regularly service the machine, informed him a mechanic would not be able to come to the property for another ten days.

(Plymouth Herald / SWNS Group)
(Plymouth Herald / SWNS Group)

It means they will be left without a serviceable kitchen space until that point – or even later.

“I explained to them it’s not acceptable and we’ve got no sink or way of washing up,” said Mr Bettridge, of Plymouth, Devon.

“I feel that Hotpoint has treated this as a normal breakdown and not addressed the fact it has caused us massive amounts of anguish and chaos.

“I thought they would pay more attention to us and the situation.”

Hotpoint has recently come under fire over faulty tumble dryers.

(Plymouth Herald / SWNS Group)
(Plymouth Herald / SWNS Group)

Mr Bettridge was out for the day with his three young children on Saturday while his wife, a 33-year-old waitress, stayed at home.

He explained she had put a load of washing on and popped out to her neighbour’s house, before returning a couple of hours later.

“When she came back she thought we had been burgled,” said Mr Bettridge, originally from Manchester. “She brought her friends in and realised the washing machine had exploded.

“The fire brigade came out to make sure our home was safe and that there was no gas or water leak. Even they said they’d never seen anything like this before.

“At some point the washing machine drum came apart and sent its load up through the top of the washing machine and destroyed a good chunk of the kitchen.

“If a child had been stood anywhere near they would have been seriously injured.

“Our disabled daughter, Oliviah, is very distraught. Autistic children don’t cope very well when there’s change, especially when it’s a negative one.”

(Plymouth Herald / SWNS Group)
(Plymouth Herald / SWNS Group)

Since the incident happened, Mr Bettridge says he’s been attempting to speak to a manager at Hotpoint about the situation him and his family has been left in.

Fortunately the washing machine and property is insured, but in the mean time they are having to rely on friends to help them with cooking and cleaning.

Mr Bettridge said: “I’m so annoyed because I’ve gone down all the right routes to try and get help.

“The lady on the phone said there was nobody I could talk to, and when I got annoyed she put the phone down on me.

“I feel like we’ve been fobbed off.”


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