family have changed their lives after losing a staggering six stone between them

Dean and Sammy with daughters Bella and Evie on a family holiday in Lanzarotti.

These astonishing pictures show the amazing transformation of a family ‘shamed’ into losing weight after looking ‘frumpy’ in their holiday snaps.

Sammy Musgrave, husband Dean and their eldest daughter Alex, 17, lost a total of six stone after feeling ‘uncomfortable’ with photos of a family holiday to Lanzarote last year.

The trio enlisted the help of personal trainer Tom Cowen, who Sammy found on Facebook.

The family, from Hull, East Yorks., are now looking forward to their upcoming holiday to Mexico in August where they can finally feel comfortable with their new svelte figures.

Dean Musgrave before and after his impressive weightloss.

Talking about their weight loss journey Sammy, 36, said: “After our holiday last year, I knew something had to change.

“I couldn’t relax and feel comfortable, I just felt frumpy and insecure about how I looked in my holiday clothes.

“As soon as we got back home, me and Dean made a pact to lose weight so we would never feel uncomfortable on holiday again.”

The couple, who own an electrical contractor firm, started their mission to get fit in July last year and now the pair have radically changed their lifestyle with Dean, 49, losing a huge 3st and Sammy going from a ‘big’ size 12 to a tiny 6 to 8 after losing 2st.

Sammy Musgrave before and after her impressive weightloss.
Sammy Musgrave before and after her impressive weightloss.

The mother of four said: “I stumbled across Tom’s page on Facebook and could not believe the results so we arranged a meetup.

“We started going a couple of times a week and loved it and now I go seven times and week and Dean goes up to nine times.

“We just love the atmosphere and how we feel after we have been. I try to take two nights off a week nut Dean can’t sit still.

“He gets so bored sat at home and watching TV.”

Alex Musgrave before and after her impressive weightloss.
Alex Musgrave before and after her impressive weightloss.

After seeing her parent’s amazing results the couples eldest daughter Alex decided to get involved and lost over a stone ten weeks.

Sammy said: “Alex has always been a typical teenage eating sweet and fatty foods.

“She’s always had a little bit of puppy fat but when she bought a new pair of size 14 jeans which were too tight was the turning point.

“She came in crying and I said if she wanted to we would pay for her some sessions with Tom.

“I can’t believe the difference, she seems so much happier in her own skin.”

The family of six have seen their diet completely change after cutting out carbohydrates.

Sammy said: “Before we started eating consciously I could be making four different meals a night to keep everyone happy.

“Now I cook one family meal from scratch and everyone seems to enjoy it so much more, it is so much easier and it’s good to know everyone is eating healthier.”


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