Family arrested following sword-wielding robbery


A family of seven complete with 16-month-old baby have been arrested on suspicion of carrying out a terrifying robbery – whiled armed with swords.

The criminal clan, led by the 49-year-old taxi driving father, are alleged to have stormed a Malaysian petrol station.

An eight-year-old child guarded the entrance with a sword while the man and three of his children armed with with razor sharp weapons raided the store.

The mother and her baby waited in the car while the heist took place.

They escaped the store with just four packets of cigarettes and chocolates during their blade-wielding robbery.

Police arrested the family after a 10 mile police chase with the driver eventually surrendering on Sunday.

It later emerged they were prime suspects for another robbery on the same petrol station on Friday.

The father is currently being held on remand with the family released on bail.

Kuala Lumpar district police chief Zainuddin Yaacob said: ”While his wife and baby waited in his taxi, the man and his four older children robbed the petrol station, with his eight year old keeping lookout while holding onto a sword.

”The other three accompanied their father into the petrol station, armed with swords, and robbed the shop of four packs of cigarettes and chocolates.”


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