Fame-obsessed former barman, 22, who spent £55k to look like Joey Essex is attacked outside nightclub


Britain’s vainest man who had thousands of pounds of plastic surgery to look like Towie star Joey Essex told yesterday how he was punched in the face by a nightclub yob.

Fame-hungry Sam Barton, 22, transformed his face with over £55,000 of operations – including two on the NHS – in a desperate bid to look like “the perfect man”.

But on Friday the former barman, who now works in an office in Birmingham, was attacked on a night out in Romford, Essex.

Sam, from Sutton Coldfield, West Mids., said: “It started in the queue when four lads and girls started verbally assaulting me after recognising me.

“They said there was only one thing worse than Joey Essex and that was a Joey Essex wannabe.

“They pursued me for over an hour in the club before another lad joined them and said ‘you will need a new nose job before I have finished with you’ – and then hit me.

“Fortunately he didn’t hit my nose, he just left me with a cut lip, but it was a nasty shock.

“My initial thought was ‘my god that’s going to be expensive to repair’ but luckily he was so drunk he only brushed my nose with his fist.

“It was totally random and he only went for me because of my looks. He was probably jealous because he looked like a big ape.

“I will visit my friends in Essex again but I won’t be going out again at night there.

“I have never had any problem on nights out in Birmingham. Everyone is really friendly to me at home.

“I realise I am controversial and perhaps rub some people up the wrong way, but there is no need to verbally or physically assault me.”

Earlier this year Sam came under fire for having surgery done on the NHS.

Last month the wannabe celebrity, who works as a barman, told doctors he needed free cosmetic treatment to combat severe anxiety caused by his new found fame.

If he is given the go-ahead the grandson of former European cup winning football manager Tony Barton will be given six botox injections every two month – costing the NHS around £3,000 a year.

And he has amassed credit card debts of £25,000 in four years in search of the Joey Essex look that he hopes will make him a star.

He has spent #20,000 on treatment for his teeth, around £5,000 on Botox, £2,000 on waxing and £2,500 on tanning treatment.

Two nose jobs have cost #10,400, although one was free on the NHS.


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