Fake tan ‘the biggest beauty blooper’


The Biggest Beauty Blooper of the 21st Century was today named and shamed as excessive fake tan.

Fake tan the biggest beauty blooper

The ‘tangoed’ look – favoured by the likes of Katie Price and Kerry Katona – emerged as the worst possible make-up faux pas in a study of 3,000 women.

Heavily pencilled-in or dyed eyebrows like those belonging to Coleen Rooney or Jodie Marsh came in second place according to the poll.

A line of foundation around the jawline like that worn by X Factor starlet Cher Lloyd was in third place and badly applied patchy fake tan displayed by Hollywood hell-raiser Lindsay Lohan was fourth.

Another foundation blooper revealed was slapping on too much of it which came in fifth place.

Dark lip liner combined with a lighter shade of lipstick – a style favoured by Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson was the sixth beauty clanger.

The study was carried out by Simple to launch their new Corrector Pen which goes on sale in Boots this week.

A spokeswoman said: ”Like fashion or any trend, make-up is subjective and every woman is going to have different taste when it comes to the make-up they wear.

”Some of the blunders mentioned are genuine mistakes and it is very easy to apply too much foundation or to wear the wrong shade of lipstick.

”If you don’t have good natural light when applying your make-up it does make a difference and I’m sure most women are guilty of getting it wrong from time to time.”

Other beauty bloopers to make the top 50 list were bright eye shadow, thick eyeliner, lumpy mascara and lipstick on the front teeth.

The top ten also featured stubbly legs, a trout pout, bushy eyebrows and orange palms caused by applying fake tan.

Fake beauty spots, chipped nail varnish and dodgy eighties crimped hair also appeared in the list of faux pas as did visible hair roots, a sunburnt face and a shiny nose.

Tattoos, botox, acrylic nails and fillers all adorned by WAGS and celebrities alike also featured.

It’s not surprising then that a whopping 92 per cent of the women who entered the poll said bad light made it difficult to apply make-up.

Although three quarters of females said they became better at applying make-up the older they got.

It comes as no surprise with all the blunders listed in this poll nine in ten women reckon the natural look is more flattering.

It also emerged 90 per cent of women said they are guilty of judging people who are caked in make-up.

But it’s an easy mistake to make with half of women admitting to catching a glimpse of themselves in the mirror during the day and realising they had made a make-up faux pas.

Half said they could cringe at the thought of some of the beauty mistakes they had made over the years.

And two thirds said that make-up trends come and go just as quickly as fashion can.

A vain 17 per cent of women said they would NEVER step out of the house without make-up and 52 per cent said their morning beauty regime was very important to them.

A spokeswoman for Simple added: ”Fake tan seems to be the cause of many beauty blunders so should be used with caution.

”Make-up looks best when it’s subtle and natural, but it’s inevitable the odd mistake will be made occasionally.

“Simple’s innovative Eye Make-Up Corrector Pen, which goes on sale today in Boots stores, eliminates any mascara and eye shadow mishaps made when applying eye make-up.

“It will be the first time women can genuinely wave goodbye to grabbing the closest thing on hand to wipe away eye make-up mistakes.”

Katie Price was named as the celebrity with the worst make-up, followed by Amy Winehouse and Jodie Marsh, with Lady GaGa, Paris Hilton and Peaches Geldof also featuring in the top 10.

On the contrary, soon to be married Kate Middleton was hailed as the celebrity with the best make-up.


1. Too much Orange fake tan
2. Heavily pencilled in eyebrows
3. Tide mark foundation (line around the jawline)
4. Badly applied / patchy fake tan
5. Thick foundation
6. Dark lip-liner with a lighter lipstick
7. Trout pouts
8. Stubbly legs
9. Orange palms from applying tan
10. Bushy eyebrows
11. Lank hair
12. Lipstick on teeth
13. Yellow teeth
14. Too much blusher
15. Too much make-up
16. Lip liner outside the edge of the lips
17. Gems stuck onto your tooth
18. Yellow hard skin on feet
19. Bad hair extensions
20. A sun burnt face with white eyes from wearing sunglasses
21. Clumpy mascara
22. Drawn on beauty spots
23. Exposed hair roots
24. Pierced finger nails
25. Gelling hair to your face in swirls
26. Wearing make-up in bed
27. Two tone hair
28. Bitten nails
29. Too many hair accessories
30. Chipped nail varnish
31. Botox
32. Tongue piercings
33. Obvious false eyelashes
34. Tan lines
35. Tattoos
36. Nose studs
37. Split ends
38. Fillers
39. Crimped Hair
40. Bright eye shadow
41. Stripy highlights
42. Glittery hairspray
43. Not cleaning make-up brushes
44. Acrylic nails
45. Lipstick too bright
46. Shiny nose
47. Belly button piercing
48. Slick back pony tail
49. Dyed hair tips
50. Thick eye liner


1. Katie Price
2. Amy Winehouse
3. Jodie Marsh
4. Lady Gaga
5. Courtney Love
6. Kerry Katona
7. Britney Spears
8. Paris Hilton
9. Christina Aguilera
10. Peaches Geldof


1. Kate Middleton
2. Myleene Klass
3. Kylie Minogue
4. Dannii Minogue
5. Catherine Zeta Jones
6. Kate Winslet
7. Natalie Portman
8. Kelly Brook
9. Alexa Chung
10. Cameron Diaz



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