Face of Jesus appears in a piece of used chewing gum, all hail the second coming!


A family were hailing sweet Jesus after spotting Christ’s face – in a piece of CHEWING GUM.

Stunned Nelly Noden had been chewing on the gum on Good Friday when she spat it out to eat some crisps.

She put the gum down but says she was ”stunned” when she saw a face resembling Jesus Christ staring back at her.

Mum-of-two Nelly, of Plymouth, Devon, says the image of the Son of God can clearly be seen in the discarded gum.

She said: ”I’d just got back from going to the shops to buy a few things to eat when, as usual, I put my gum on the mantelpiece to have some Pringles.

”I went to pick it up again and Jesus was just there, staring at me. The second I put my eye on it I could see it.

”We couldn’t believe it – especially as it was Good Friday. Me and my daughters were jumping around the room. It was a real moment.”

Daughter Charni, 16, added: ”We can’t believe how much it looks like Jesus – we’ve been telling everyone about it.”

Nelly said the family are not religious but will be keeping the gum as a souvenir.



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