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Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are currently dominating the Formula 1 championship. The reigning champion is after another title, his sixth, which would bring him closer to Michael Schumacher who has seven. 

The British driver is showcasing such a marvelous form, and it appears that at the moment nobody can stop him. Everything is clear when we say that bookmakers give odds of 1/20 on his title at the end of this campaign. 

The next race in the F1 caravan is very near. In two weeks time, the most glamorous racing competition will have an episode in Belgium, at the famous Spa-Francorchamps track. If you are looking for some Formula 1 betting tips, this article could be of help to you.

There are plenty of bookmakers who are now offering various betting offers on F1, and as time goes by, we have more and more people who want to bet on this sport. Therefore, a short analysis of the upcoming race will definitely be interesting.

According to many fans and experts, Hamilton is the biggest favorite to win the event. Still, when looking at the recent years, he hasn’t been that dominant here as at some other circuits. Throughout his career, Lewis had only three victories, and surprisingly he isn’t the most successful active driver at the Belgian Grand Prix. That title goes to Kimi Raikkonen with four wins.

But right now, it seems that Mercedes has an enormous advantage over other cars, especially their biggest rivals, Ferrari. Both Hamilton and his teammate Valtteri Bottas were superb so far. In the last few races they’ve shown some signs of fatigue, but it didn’t really reflect that much on their position in the standings and the tracks. Odds for Lewis to take the Belgian GP are at 6/4, while Bottas has much lower, 6/1.

The guy who is only resisting the Mercedes’ duo this season is the young Dutchman, Max Verstappen. The 22-year old has two triumphs and presents the only real threat to the above-mentioned drivers. His fierce and aggressive style of play is making up for the lack of some technical and engineering solutions of the vehicle. There is no doubt that shortly, this young kid might compete for the title. All he needs is a bit better car, and he will be side by side with the best in this caravan. His win here will multiply your stake seven times, so take some risk and go with it.

Ferrari is going through a horrible time. The famous Italian manufacturer still hasn’t won singe race this season. It is one of the most humiliating seasons for the Prancing Horse, and surely a nightmare for the four-time champion Sebastian Vettel. Meanwhile, the only positive thing is the development of Charles Leclerc, who is slowly becoming a world-class driver. 

The guy from Monte Carlo caught the attention with his steady and smart driving. He will also be involved in the title chase pretty soon if he continues to improve at this pace. Vettel’s win in Belgium is at 11/4, while Leclerc’s is 2/1.

The race starts on Sunday, September 1st at 3:10 PM local time.