Extreme clay pigeon shooting unveiled


A new ‘extreme’ version of clay pigeon shooting was unveiled yesterday – with targets that EXPLODE when hit.

The Firebird Reactive Shooting Star Target contains a small explosive charge with ignites when it receives a direct hit.

Inventor John Green spent 12 years perfecting the targets, which are safe for use with all traps.

The 65mm targets cost £49.95 for a set of 40 and produce an instant explosion and a plume of smoke. There are also 40mm versions available for air rifles.

A spokeswoman for Firebird Reactive Targets, which are based in Chiseldon, Wiltshire, said she hoped the invention would make clay pigeon shooting a ”spectator sport”.

She said: ”They are very exciting and do bring a new level of fun to the sport.

”When we have had people trying them out they have become highly competitive as they want to be the person that makes the big bang and effect.

”The targets are so safe they do not explode when they hit the ground but are sensitive enough to give a wonderful effect.

”They are the first targets to be licensed as safe. They are in the 14F category, which is the same as cartridge.”

The targets attach to the middle of any clay pigeon with high tack sticky tape.

They have already proved popular at their launch at Barbury Shooting School in Swindon, Wiltshire.


  1. I’ve tried these and they aregreat fun. In my experience, if missed and undamaged they can be resused no problem. Pity more local dealers don’t sell them though.


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