Randy students filmed on CCTV romping… at an event to promote SAFE SEX

Students at a previous Safer Sex Ball (file picture)
Students at a previous Safer Sex Ball (file picture)

Police today warned an investigation could be launched at one of Britain’s top universities after two students were filmed romping – at an event to promote safe sex.

The amourous undergraduates were caught on camera having sex in a student bar at Exeter University in Devon.

They enjoyed the steamy tryst while in fancy dress and attending the uni’s Safer Sex Ball 2012 which raises money for the fight against AIDS.


Students at a previous Safer Sex Ball (file picture)
Students at a previous Safer Sex Ball (file picture)



A raunchy pole dancer from the Safer Sex ball in 2008
A raunchy pole dancer from the Safer Sex ball in 2008 (file picture)


The huge event sees partygoers handed free condoms and safe sex advice as they dance through the night in skimpy outfits.

But the randy couple were unaware their sex session in the campus Ram Bar was being filmed on security cameras.

The next day someone with access to the CCTV footage filmed it on their mobile phone and began sending it around to students.

Withing hours the footage had gone viral and shared on smart phones – and seen by thousands of youngsters who nicknamed the couple ‘Blowmeo and Juliet’.

The ball’s organisers, the Exeter Students Guild, has promised a full investigation into the footage and ”irresponsible behaviour”.

Students dress up in mild bondage for a previous Safer Sex event. Two students were filmed having sex at this year's event
Students dress up in mild bondage for a previous Safer Sex event. Two students were filmed having sex at this year’s event

A spokesman said: “The Students’ Guild recognises that confidential CCTV footage has been filmed without our permission.

”The Guild is making sure the affected parties will be supported during this difficult time.

“Measures were in place to provide high levels of security, but we are aware that irresponsible behaviour has taken place and we are working hard to rectify the situation.”

The randy pair  – a blonde in an ultra-short skirt and a male student wearing shorts, a cape and a headband – joined revellers for the annual charity bash on December 12.

But rather than heeding the safe sex message the brazen couple enjoyed a steamy sessions before having oral sex beside a pool table.

The footage shows the pair zip up and dash off in opposite directions when a fellow guest nearly catches them in the act.

Footage of the video went viral the next day – with students sharing it on their smart phones.

The University of Exeter, where the sex was filmed on CCTV
The University of Exeter, where the sex was filmed on CCTV

The Tab, an online tabloid for students, also ran a competition where readers could vote whether they should publish it on its website.

Comments posted on The Tab included, ”everyone has already seen it”,  ”please don’t humiliate me anymore. I’m a grower… promise”.

Another said: ”I believe it is very irresponsible of you to be getting involved…Having said that, the girl has great tekkers!”

The incident has been referred to Devon and Cornwall Police who warned whoever filmed the CCTV on their smartphone could be in trouble – as well as the couple themselves.

A spokesman said: “Putting CCTV footage on the internet without permission could contravene the law.

”That would namely be data protection laws and human rights legislation – the right to privacy.

“Engaging in sexual activity in a public place could also constitute an offence, depending on the form of sexual activity.

”But we would have to see the footage in question to officially comment on the incident itself.”

Exeter’s Safe Sex Ball ball has been running for more than 20 years and is now one of the country’s biggest Aids awareness events.

This year’s “tribal” theme was dubbed racist by some students and academics who signed a petition calling for a public apology.

A spokesman for the university said it would not be commenting and the only comment would be provided by the guild.

Chris McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, said parents would be “appalled” by the actions of the romping students.

Mr McGovern said: “It’s regrettable when a university has to go along this particular path in the name of promoting safer sex.

“This is rather decadent and more reminiscent of something out of the decay of the Roman Empire.

“We’re in favour of safe sex but this is not the way to go. They should be focusing on their learning for heaven’s sake.

“What are they going to put on their job applications – I was involved in public displays of sexual intercourse?

“These are adults, they are old enough to vote and free to choose how they wish to live their lives.

“But I would have thought it would only discredit the university and I think many parents whose children are at this university will be appalled.”

Devon and Cornwall Police say it is not investigating the sex tape as there has been no official complaint.

A spokesman said: “If it was reported to us we would investigate but it looks like the university is dealing with it internally.”

In 2006 the university banned initiation ceremonies after fresher Gavin Britton drank himself to death in an alcohol game based on golf.

Gavin, 18, downed beer, cider, whisky, vodka and alcopops in the pub crawl with sixteen fellow students.

He donned fancy dress and had to knock back drinks in a ”par” number of gulps just six weeks into his course at the university.

Gavin, of Barton-on-Sea, Hants, visited thirteen pubs and clubs in three hours, downing drinks in each.

Tragic Gavin, wearing a Borat-style black wig, was found dead the next morning after he choked to death on his own vomit.

Speaking later his parents Ian and Susan said: ”We hope lessons can be learned from our tragedy.”

Former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe blasted the University of Exeter for allowing the Safer Sex Ball to take place each year.

She said: “It seems to me to be the height of irresponsibility to have a lot of people running around in their underwear talking and thinking about sex.

“And is this really the image of Exeter University that the authorities want to portray? Will it make people proud of Exeter?”

One 20-year-old student, who did not want to be named, added: ”The whole ball is disgusting anyway.

”They pretend it’s about safe sex and AIDS to give them an excuse to wear nothing and get off with each other.

”I’m sure having sex in the corner goes on quite a lot at that do but this time they forgot to check the room for CCTV.”



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