Eurasian Resources Group Chairman Dr Alexander Machkevitch Lectures on New Digital Methods of Ethical Management


The Chairman of ERG’s Board of Directors, Dr Alexander Machkevitch appeared as a guest lecturer at the Academy of Public Administration in Kazakhstan on the 4th of March 2019, discussing new digital methods of ethical management. For his contribution to Kazakhstan’s economic development and cooperation with the Academy, Dr Machkevitch was awarded the Academy’s Honorary Professor title.

These types of guest lectures at the Academy have become a modern tradition that has grown over the past several years, with featured speakers including major business figures, political leaders, prominent public and state figures, international partners and alumni of the Academy. These meetings facilitate partnerships between the business community, the public, and doctoral and master students of the Academy to set the standards that will tackle future challenges that the state may be faced with.

Adopting Best Practice

The Academy of Public Administration’s modern development is based on introducing innovative new tools and technologies, transforming the activities of the Academy and focusing on current trends for the training of civil servants and the advancement of public administration. Guest lectures including the one held by Alexander Machkevich create a platform for the public sector to consider the insights that are based on the experience of large companies, adapt best practices and apply them to the public sector.

Sustainability Initiatives

The sustainability initiatives of Eurasian Resources Group are designed to maximise the positive impact of Group operations on employees and on the wider local communities where those operations take place, according to Benedikt Sobotka, ERG’s Group CEO. Mr Sobotka went on to emphasise how ERG’s partnership with the Kazakhstan government and other corporations has helped to promote better governance, particularly in the Aqkol city region, where the first of its kind smart city is being developed. ERG is currently supporting the adoption of blockchain technology to deliver a better quality of life for communities in the regions of its presence.

Academy Redesign

Prior to Dr Machkevitch’s speech, Fatima Zhakypova, Rector of the Academy of Public Administration, took guests on a tour of the building and had the opportunity to discuss with them the digital innovations and activities of the establishment. Zhakypova spoke of new managerial and technological solutions being introduced, improved access to online learning, the installation of an integrated system for multimedia equipment, and the modernisation of infrastructure as the study space has been redesigned. The Academy is in the process of being transformed into a centre of education for civil servants, focusing on IT competencies and supplying new digital resources.

Modern Methods of Ethical Management

The use of digital technology in modern methods of ethical management was the topic of the lecture by Dr Machkevitch, which lasted for approximately two hours. Dr Machkevitch spoke to students about how digital technology has revolutionised ethical management methods and invited questions from the audience. The topics of the questions were wide-ranging, covering education, digitalisation, ecology, philosophy, the development of Kazakhstan’s production industry and future professions.

Dr Machkevitch lauded the work of the Academy to date in innovation and adopting the latest digital trends to provide a full-fledged education to civil servants and international students. Lecture participants included the Rector, Fatima Zhakypova, the Head of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption, Alik Shpekbayev, Doctoral and Master’s students, and staff of the Academy.


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