Entrepreneur Vows To Raise £2,000 To Hand Out To Homeless After Cambridge Student burns £20 Note

Owen Barrow and Lee Nicolaou.
Owen Barrow and Lee Nicolaou.
Owen Barrow and Lee Nicolaou.

An outraged entrepreneur wants to raise £2,000 so he can hand out £20 notes to rough sleepers after a Cambridge student burnt one in front of a homeless man.

Lee Nicolaou, 23, wants to raise the cash after being disgusted by the footage of first-year law student Ronald Coyne trying to light a £20 note.

Mr Coyne, 18, was wearing a white bow tie and tails when he was filmed on Snapchat taunting homeless Ryan Davies, 31, on February 2 in Cambridge, Cambs.

Lee, of Harlow, Essex, launched delivery company What Can I Get You? last year, and plans to begin taking donations for rough sleepers before distributing them.

“It all started with that Cambridge video,” he said.

“It was so bad I wanted to do something.

“It is surprising that somebody could be so cruel and naïve. By doing that (he) was using the individual as a laughing stock. It is really sad.”

SWNS_BARROW_CASH_02The footage sparked public outrage against Mr Coyne, after he used a cigarette lighter to try and burn the money.

Lee wanted to take positive action in response, and he has created a donation page to try and raise the funds.

He will also be holding an open day on March 2 at Unit 8 Marbridge House, Harlow, Essex, where people can donate clothes and blankets.

Lee said: “Lots of people share their views on Facebook, but helping homeless people is really easy to do something about.

“We are going to have the office open all day. People can leave whatever, it is just to get people to bring stuff down. We want to collect as much as we can.

“We also want to collect £2,000 and it will be given around the Harlow area.”

What Can I Get You? allows customers to order items for delivery from shops and restaurants that do not usually deliver, such as newsagents, chemists or a fast food chain like McDonald’s.

To donate or find out more details visit: www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/helpinghand2017

**Homeless man who was taunted by Cambridge student has spoken about his “disgust”**


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