Amy Mallinder from East Ardsley near Leeds with her dog Alfie who has eaten his family’s fairy lights, advent calenders, wrapping, decorations, presents and even festive TREE. See Ross Parry copy RPYDOG : Greedy English Bull Terrier Alfie gobbles anything when his owners’ backs are turned – and this year got stuck into all their festive treats. He has already driven them barking mad by eating random items in the home including birth certificates, driving licences and even hair dryers. But this year they discovered he had eaten and chewed their lights, decorations, an advent calender, present wrapping and even gnawed the leg off the tree. Owner Amy Mallinder, 21, said: “He’s been busy this Christmas, but in the past he’s dined on two pairs of straighteners, a hair dryer, a de-humidifier, an extension lead and loves a plastic toy.

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