Emergency Contacts You Must Have On Your Phone


iphone-410311_1280Your smartphone may be filled with games, photo editors and social networking apps, but all that will mean little when misfortune or an emergency comes knocking on your doors. As these things seldom call before coming in, you just have to be prepared for them in advance to control a bad situation before it gets worse. In an emergency, the first thing you need is help and in order to get it, you must find and save the contact info for all of the services in your area.

Police, Ambulance, Fire Service

In the US, 911 is the number for extreme emergencies and this is the number which you should save before saving any other. In regions like the UK, UAE, Singapore and many other countries, 999 is the equivalent of 911. Whatever the hard-line emergency number in your country may be, they are supposed to be the most reliable contacts in case of fire, police, ambulance and coastguard emergencies.

Power Company

You can’t really do anything if you don’t have power and that’s why you need the number of the company that’s supplying the power in your home or office, in case there’s a power outage. However, at times, the problem could be in faulty wiring or maybe you just want to install a new electric appliance. In such cases, we suggest that you find a tradesmen near you.

Local Police and Fire Department

In small towns and localities, contacting the local police station or the fire brigade might actually result in faster action than calling 999 (or the equivalent number). Also, it’s best to contact the local authorities first if the situation is not serious enough, leaving the resources of the service for the ones who really need it.

Doctors and Hospitals

You should have the contact numbers of at least two or more doctors in the area. Similarly, you should also have the contact info for a local hospital or two. You cannot always rely on the emergency number for everything and should have alternate means of medical care at your disposal at all times.

Animal Control

This could be a stray dog or a dangerous dog out of control, but whatever the situation is, if you think that it’s getting out of hand, your phone should have the local animal control number saved in it. Even if you want to help an animal who needs it, it’s probably a good idea to at least contact the nearby animal lover’s association before trying to do something on your own.

Breakdown Service

Whether it’s you or someone else who is waiting on the side of the road with a broken vehicle, having the number of a breakdown service can save you the trouble of being stranded in the middle of nowhere without transport.

Ideally, you should also have the numbers of your insurance company, your locksmith, your veterinarian and your colleagues saved as well. However, the most important number which you will ever save is that of a trusted friend (if you have any!) or family member. That person is your emergency contact and he/she will be the one the authorities contact if you are in an accident or any other emergency.


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