Elderly woman shot in trouble-blighted library


Police are patrolling a library after an elderly woman was shot in the head as she browsed the aisles.

Elderly woman shot in the head in scandal-hit library

The pensioner was hit by a ball bearing pellet fired by a gang of yobs who have plaguing the council-run facility.

Managers say the library been blighted by brawls between youngsters, vandalism, thefts and drug-taking in the toilets.

Local councillor John Divers said: ”It is obviously a big concern that this is going on in a library. It’s a public place where people expect a bit of peace and quiet.

”Right at the entrance to the library is CCTV. So whoever’s responsible for this is doing it well aware that they’re being filmed on camera. They’re clearly not worried about that.”

Elgin Library in Morayshire, Scotland, became a hangout for local gangs several years ago.

Youngsters from rival groups would gather at the spot for fights which had been arranged via social networking sites.

Police caught a 12-year-old boy with a petrol bomb ahead of one brawl in the town and two youths were ejected for brawling on the stairs.

The most alarming incident came when the OAP was shot in the head by the pellet as she was in the library’s learning centre.

That section holds the reference department and public computers. The woman refused to comment about the attack.

Warning letters have been sent out to members and one person has been banned from the premises.

Alistair Campbell, head of libraries with Moray Council, said: ”We are extremely concerned at the recent unruly behaviour of small groups of young people and by the use of the building for drug related purposes.

”We have very clear policies and procedures in place when either public or staff are subjected to threatening, intimidating or unacceptable behaviour.”

Police and council officials are now set to discuss how best to tackle the problem.

Inspector Colin Mowat of Grampian Police said: ”We are aware of some recent issues at Elgin Library and are conducting inquiries. As always we would value the support of the public.”


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